The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 21

Just as Li Ma’s fish balls and meatballs were fried, Jiang Chan quickly picked two and handed them to Lin Shi for her to taste. Jiang Sen had already started on his own; he knew Lin Shi had someone to take care of her.

These tender fish balls received praise from everyone in the house. They had no fishy smell, only the fresh, tender and smooth taste of fish meat.

Seeing Jiang Sen wanting more after eating, Jiang Chan reminded him, “Save some room in your stomach; we haven’t started cooking the main dishes yet.”

The preparations were troublesome, but the actual cooking was quite fast. Jiang Sen went to the main hall to entertain the guests, while Jiang Chan and Li Ma discussed the cooking methods of these dishes. Uncle Zhong diligently cleaned the large pig’s head on the side.

Jiang Chan was preparing the brine, a crucial element for delicious braised meat. Most chefs make their own brine, with the only difference being the aging process and ingredients. The longer it’s aged, the more flavorful it becomes.

Now Jiang Chan could only make it fresh. Lin Shi watched Jiang Chan busily working. Though her movements were quick, they were also pleasing to the eye, and the smile on her lips never faded.

In the month that Jiang Chan had been in the house, she felt deeply touched. Although it was just one more person in the house, it added a lot of liveliness, making it feel more like a home.

If Jiang Chan marries and brings in a son-in-law in the future, and then has a few chubby little children running around in the yard, the smile on Lin Shi’s face will deepen even more.

As Jiang Chan was adjusting the brine recipe, she moved slightly. Was someone thinking about her? But these were all close people. Jiang Chan glanced around but couldn’t figure out anything unusual.

Following Jiang Chan’s instructions, Uncle Zhong handled the pig’s head well and then split it in half. Jiang Chan tossed the prepared pig’s head directly into the large pot.

Li Ma glanced over and asked casually, “Is that all?”

Jiang Chan replied calmly, “No, it needs to stew until noon to be fully cooked. If you want it to be more flavorful, you’ll have to wait until evening. The taste of the braised meat soaked in the brine is the most fragrant.”

When it came to food, Jiang Chan had more to say. These were her memories from the previous world. Not dwelling too much on them, Jiang Chan worried that she might not endure until the day she completed her mission.

Jiang Sen’s friends had already arrived. The kitchen was not far from the main hall, and the aroma of the dishes wafted into the hall.

The fox-like man sniffed, “Jinzhi, what unique dishes is your wife making today? It doesn’t smell like Mingyue Tower?”

The others nodded; they were probably well-off and frequented Mingyue Tower. They were a group that valued good food.

Jiang Sen got such a daughter, and they were incredibly jealous when they returned. They had agreed to go to Mingyuelou together, but you silently brought back a daughter on your own, and she happens to be someone even the chef at Mingyuelou couldn’t compete with.

They exchanged glances and headed towards the kitchen together.

“Jinzhi’s plum blossoms at home have bloomed. It’s so fragrant,” a man in his forties sniffed, not sure whether he was referring to the fragrance of plum blossoms or the food.

Jiang Sen, trailing behind, mumbled to himself. He wondered if Jiang Chan had hidden the pig’s head properly. They had agreed to eat braised meat tonight; he hoped these people wouldn’t catch a glimpse of it.

Including Jiang Sen, there were a total of six people. What Jiang Chan had prepared was more than enough. As they approached, there was naturally some noise. Li Ma, quick on her feet, immediately covered the braising pot.

Li Ma and Wang Ma had a good relationship and understood Jiang Sen’s personality. They knew he was protective of his food, especially this novel braised meat. They knew Jiang Sen would never want others to taste it.

As soon as they entered the kitchen, Jiang Sen’s gaze subtly swept around. His eyebrows only relaxed when he didn’t see the large pig’s head.

The five guests who came saw Jiang Chan at first glance. Although they were different from ordinary scholars, they still possessed the mindset of gentlemen keeping a distance from the kitchen. They just stood outside the door and spoke.

Jiang Chan stood by the stove, talking to Li Ma with a serious expression. She glanced at the vegetables in the pot, saying, “You can add the fish balls now, and then stir-fry them a bit before serving.”

She also heard the voices of these people talking. Seeing Jiang Sen’s friends, Jiang Chan remained calm. She glanced at Jiang Sen and calmly greeted him as “Father.”

Jiang Sen, in a good mood, introduced his friends to Jiang Chan. She greeted each one in turn, a skill she learned from Lin Shi. Lin Shi’s etiquette was quite refined, and Jiang Chan had learned it well.

These people were generous with their gifts. Whether it was a fan or a jade pendant, each of them gave a gift. Jiang Chan’s expression softened a bit; after all, these were gifts, and besides her life, money was her next favorite thing.

In the modern world, she struggled financially, but in ancient times, she could almost be considered a wealthy woman. Unfortunately, she couldn’t take any of this wealth with her after completing the mission. Jiang Chan sighed inwardly, stuffing the gifts from the elders into her purse.

Jiang Sen looked at his friends with a half-smile. Did they think he didn’t know what they were up to? Being so generous now, weren’t they just planning to come to his house for meals in the future? Was his daughter so degraded that she could only cook for others? It wouldn’t sound good if people heard about it. They might think a well-bred young lady spent her days in the kitchen.

Seeing these people salivating, Li Ma chuckled, “The dishes are almost ready. Master, why don’t you go to the main hall to rest for a while? We’ll serve the dishes soon.”

Jiang Sen’s friends immediately took the lead and went straight to the main hall. The aroma of the dishes had made them hungry, even the usually serious Jiang Sen quickened his pace.

As soon as they sat down, Wang Ma and Uncle Zhong started serving the dishes. The fragrance filled the air, and everyone was too busy eating to talk. Even the wine Jiang Sen brought was forgotten.

Finally, after tasting each dish, the chopsticks of the people gradually slowed down. They began to discuss the dishes and express their admiration for Jiang Chan’s skillful and delicious cooking.

Even the ordinary dish of vegetables was done exceptionally well. Although they were surprised when the dishes were first served, after taking a bite, they were conquered by the rich flavors.

The fox-like man took a sip of wine, picked up a mouthful of food, and suddenly laughed, “Look at Jinzhi’s daughter. Doesn’t her serious demeanor resemble his?!”

Everyone was stunned, suddenly thinking of Jiang Chan’s serious face they had seen in the kitchen. Indeed, it was quite similar to Jiang Sen, not in appearance but in expression and demeanor.

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