The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 2

Sometimes, having the intention but lacking the ability is truly a painful thing. Wanting to provide a better life for the children, but limited by one’s own abilities, many things cannot be done.

Jiang Chan twitched the corner of her mouth. She naturally had few facial expressions, and tugging at the corner of her mouth was already her limit.

She put down the chopsticks. “I’m going out to work today, hoping to earn some money to buy candy for An An.”

As soon as she said this, seven or eight children immediately surrounded her. The older ones were only seven or eight years old, and the younger ones were around three or four. Each of them looked at Jiang Chan with hopeful eyes.

Jiang Chan patted the heads of the little ones one by one. “Everyone, take care. I’ll be back in the evening.”

The children lined up, “Sister Chan, take your time, come back soon.”

An An, who spoke first, added, “Even if Sister Chan doesn’t bring back candy, it’s okay.”

Jiang Chan, without turning back, waved her hand and rode away on the small bicycle in the courtyard.

Her emotions were rarely sentimental. After all, the daily struggles for life had already consumed much of her energy. There was no extra emotion to waste.

The weather in the early morning of summer was still quite comfortable. Even so, when Jiang Chan arrived at Uncle Mo’s restaurant, she was already sweating. Uncle Mo’s restaurant was really small, with a narrow space that could barely accommodate eight tables.

However, Uncle Mo was skilled, and even though the place was small, it was full every day. Jiang Chan had met Uncle Mo by chance, and Uncle Mo and Aunt Mo, sympathizing with her situation, let her work at the restaurant.

Due to her young age, Uncle Mo and Aunt Mo arranged for Jiang Chan to be their niece, covering up her identity as a child laborer.

Jiang Chan was a proactive person, knowing that Uncle Mo and Aunt Mo took good care of her. In return, she would come here after school and help Uncle Mo and Aunt Mo as much as she could.

Sometimes, Uncle Mo and Aunt Mo would give her extra meals, but she would take them back to the orphanage as it was. She could eat well here with Uncle Mo, but the children in the orphanage could only meet their basic needs.

In this situation, Jiang Chan naturally couldn’t eat alone. She was used to being strong and knew that having a skill was better than relying on others.

So, when working in the kitchen, she consciously followed Uncle Mo to learn. Uncle Mo and Aunt Mo were also open in teaching her everything.

Sometimes, when it got busy, Jiang Chan would help stir-fry some dishes. Leaving aside everything else, with Jiang Chan’s current skills, setting up a stall outside was not a problem.

So, Jiang Chan was very grateful to Uncle Mo and Aunt Mo. There were indeed good-hearted people in the world. She twitched the corner of her mouth and stood next to Aunt Mo. Aunt Mo was making dumplings, pinching and turning her fingers, creating a plump dumpling.

Jiang Chan cleaned her hands and helped Aunt Mo make dumplings. Aunt Mo’s dumplings were a specialty here, and Jiang Chan could only achieve half the taste of Aunt Mo’s dumplings.

But even so, Jiang Chan, who revealed her culinary skills a bit at the orphanage, turned all the little ones into gluttons.

While skillfully making dumplings, Aunt Mo spoke to Jiang Chan, “Did you receive the admission notice? I heard that Little Wu from the street received the admission notice yesterday.”

Jiang Chan nodded, “Received it yesterday, admitted to the No. 1 Middle School, but just barely.”

Jiang Chan really didn’t think this was something to be proud of. Just barely making it meant not being outstanding. Moreover, with the high tuition fees, Jiang Chan regretted why she had chosen the No. 1 Middle School in the first place.

“If that’s the case?” Unlike Jiang Chan’s disappointment, Aunt Mo was pleasantly surprised. She shouted inside, “Old Mo, come out quickly, Jiang Chan got into the No. 1 Middle School.”

“What did you say?” A bald-headed man in slippers walked out. His face looked fierce, making him unapproachable. After hearing the news, he reached out with his big hand like a fan and patted Jiang Chan’s shoulder heavily.

His strength was no joke, and Jiang Chan staggered under his pat. “Good girl, really impressive!”

Uncle Mo laughed loudly, and Jiang Chan shrugged her shoulders. She was probably blushing, she thought calmly. But for Uncle Mo’s actions, Jiang Chan didn’t say anything.

She knew Uncle Mo had a good heart and was a rare good person.

Aunt Mo scolded Uncle Mo, “You big man, look at your strength before patting Jiang Chan. What if you hurt the child?”

Uncle Mo scratched his head, “Is she that delicate? Good girl, what do you want to eat? Uncle Mo will make it for you.”

Jiang Chan, with her hands still making dumplings, said casually, “No need, Uncle Mo. I just came to tell you.”

She blinked, “Uncle Mo, I remember there’s a construction site not far from here, right?”

Aunt Mo straightforwardly asked, “Yes, there is a construction site. Why do you want to know? Are you thinking of going there to do heavy work? That’s too hard for a girl like you.”

Jiang Chan smiled wryly, “Aunt Mo, you think too highly of me. With my physique, they definitely won’t want me. I just wanted to inquire. I know what I can do and what I can’t.”

Last night, Jiang Chan had thought all night. If she relied on working at Uncle Mo’s place, she might only save enough for one semester’s tuition in a year. So, since that was the case, she had to think of other ways.

“Why are you asking about this?” Aunt Mo was a bit puzzled.

“Aunt Mo, I’ve been learning from Uncle Mo for so long. Leaving aside other things, I can at least cook a few dishes,” Jiang Chan calmly explained her thoughts, “I’m thinking of going to that construction site to take orders and see if I can sell fast food there.”

Jiang Chan’s mind was still functional; at least she knew that doing business was the way to quickly accumulate capital.

Aunt Mo was still shrewd, “This idea is not bad. Little Chan, if you get orders, I won’t be too demanding. I’ll split the profit with you for each order.”

After calculating, Aunt Mo felt that this business was feasible. Jiang Chan knew that Aunt Mo was discreetly taking care of her, and she felt touched. “Aunt, you don’t have to be so generous. Let’s talk about it when I actually get some orders.”

Uncle Mo patted Jiang Chan on the shoulder, “I knew this girl would definitely make it. Come and tell me, how do you plan to prepare this fast food?”

Jiang Chan looked at Uncle Mo, “Uncle Mo, I’m thinking of making a few dishes today and taking them to the construction site to try it out. Otherwise, just talking won’t make them believe, right?”

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