The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 19

Lin Shi now regards Jiang Chan as if she were a precious jewel. Although not their biological daughter, Lin Shi treats Jiang Chan no differently than her own flesh and blood.

Even if it’s one’s own flesh and blood, no one can consistently and tirelessly attend to her eating like clockwork every day, reminding her to dress warmly when it’s cold. Knowing that she has a poor appetite, every day is spent racking one’s brains to come up with delicious food, just to get her to take a few more bites.

With someone caring for her so devotedly, what more could Lin Shi ask for? Her bond with Jiang Chan grows stronger, even though Jiang Chan has become more serious, with fewer facial expressions. However, Lin Shi can understand Jiang Chan’s thoughts with just one glance.

Jiang Sen is happy as long as Lin Shi is happy. Watching Lin Shi, who used to stay in her room during winter feeling a bit unwell, gain a bit of weight this winter, Jiang Sen is even more pleased with Jiang Chan.

Emotions are mutual, and Jiang Sen is highly satisfied with Jiang Chan. She is upright, diligent, and has a good understanding of many things. Despite her young age, she has never thought of demanding anything from others.

This is quite rare. Both Lin Shi and Jiang Sen have benefited greatly from Jiang Chan’s care. To be honest, Jiang Sen quite enjoys Jiang Chan’s attention; at least the daily dishes are always different.

Now, hearing that a friend wanted to join them for dinner, Jiang Sen firmly refused. Cooking for one’s own family is a gesture of goodwill, but what about cooking for outsiders?

If this were known, people might think Jiang Sen’s daughter is a chef. He is determined to find a suitable husband for Jiang Chan, so he naturally hoped that her reputation would be good.

Unfortunately, his friends were adamant. In the end, Jiang Sen couldn’t resist and reluctantly agreed to the request of these friends. When they had dinner that night, Jiang Sen sighed. Why did he agree to these people’s requests?

Now, they no longer practice eating without speaking. Lin Shi looked at Jiang Sen holding a bowl, frowning, and asked, “What’s wrong? Why have you been looking troubled since you came back?”

Jiang Sen was a bit embarrassed and rubbed his hands. “Xiao Chan, tomorrow, some old friends are visiting, and we have to host them at home. Can you help out?”

Before Jiang Chan could speak, Lin Shi’s eyebrows raised. “Sure, your friends come, and our Xiao Chan has to entertain them. How much did you receive from them?”

Although Lin Shi appears soft and weak, Jiang Sen couldn’t help but shrink his neck when he saw her like this. He awkwardly said, “It’s not much, just a calligraphy masterpiece by the former dynasty poet Gu Jiuling.”


“There’s also an inkstone and a Hu brush.” Unable to deceive Lin Shi, Jiang Sen confessed.

His lifelong favorite was Gu Jiuling’s calligraphy. Now, the fox-like man was using Gu Jiuling’s ink treasure to hang him, and Jiang Sen couldn’t refuse no matter what. But after returning, he had to face Lin Shi. Jiang Sen only now felt regret in his heart.

Lin Shi coldly snorted and faced Jiang Chuan with a smiling face, “Xiao Chan, look at what your father did, it’s not proper. Why don’t you discuss with Li Ma tomorrow and let Li Ma do it, and you can give some guidance on the side?”

Jiang Chuan put down her chopsticks, “It’s okay, I quite like cooking.”

She glanced at Jiang Sen, saw him looking pleased, and said lightly, “Since Dad made this decision without my consent, then the ink treasure given by others belongs to me. Dad, do you have any objections?”

Jiang Sen immediately frowned in distress. Before the thing even reached his hands, his daughter wanted to take it away. This…

Seeing Jiang Sen frowning all the time, obviously reluctant, Lin Shi didn’t say much. She just continued eating with a bowl in her hands. Not to mention Jiang Sen’s changing expressions, he still had an appetite to eat.

Jiang Chuan admitted that she did it on purpose, deliberately teasing Jiang Sen. Cooking wasn’t difficult, but if Jiang Sen kept bringing friends home to eat, was it good for her to cook or not?

After hesitating for a long time, Jiang Sen finally nodded in agreement. When they arrived at his family’s place wouldn’t he still be able to see it either way? Whether it ends up being at Jiang Chan’s place or at his own place, what does it matter?

Seeing Jiang Sen nodding, Jiang Chuan continued eating contentedly. Despite Jiang Sen looking serious, he was actually a paper tiger in front of close friends.

Normally, a person like Jiang Sen, who had passed the imperial examination, wouldn’t easily allow others into his study. However, Jiang Chuan was allowed to enter, as long as she didn’t mess up the books in the study.

In such an era, what skills could one learn? Jiang Chuan always remembered that what Qingyuan provided her was just an opportunity. After completing the task, she couldn’t take anything with her except for the knowledge and skills she acquired.

If what Qingyuan said was true, then she basically had a life several times longer than ordinary people. It was too wasteful not to use so much time for learning.

In such an ancient society, what could one learn? Jiang Chuan couldn’t help but look at Jiang Sen and Lin Shi. Jiang Sen was a scholar, already very talented. Moreover, his calligraphy and painting were good. Jiang Chuan had seen it a few times; it was at the level of many people today. Lin Shi, despite being a lady, was the daughter of Jiang Sen’s mentor and had been taught a lot as a child.

She was skilled in playing the zither, chess, and even needlework. On the third day Jiang Chuan arrived, Lin Shi personally made a set of clothes for her. The embroidery work was beyond what the original owner could achieve.

Such talented individuals were around her. Wasn’t it a waste not to learn from them? Jiang Chuan glanced at Jiang Sen and Lin Shi, not in a hurry. After tomorrow, she would use that ink treasure to tempt Jiang Sen, and he would surely agree.

As for embroidery, Jiang Chuan had tried it, but she was clumsy. She pricked countless needle holes on her fingers without producing any decent work. It seemed that she couldn’t acquire this skill from the original owner, so she had to reluctantly give it up.

Now, what Jiang Chuan wanted to learn was calligraphy, painting, zither playing, and chess – commonly known as the Four Arts. With this in mind, Jiang Chuan suddenly felt delighted. If she completed the task and went back, she would definitely be a classical beauty.

Jiang Chuan had thought about which skills would be quite useful. Now she had some ideas. The most practical skills were culinary arts and medical skills. The former could fill people’s stomachs, and the latter could save lives. They were both very practical skills.

Unfortunately, in this era, Jiang Chuan hadn’t encountered a good doctor, and the culinary skills in this world were quite backward.

So, the skills she could learn now were the unique ones of this era, such as the Four Arts, and perhaps following Jiang Sen to learn about literature and calligraphy.

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