The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 17

On the table beside, there was a well-prepared dough. “Li Ma, are you planning to make steamed buns today?”

Li Ma smiled, “Yes, the skill of making steamed buns was passed down from my father. The madam really enjoys the buns I make.”

Jiang Chan smiled, “I can also make steamed buns. Li Ma, let me help you.”

Before Li Ma could refuse, Jiang Chan grabbed a portion of dough. In a matter of seconds, a chubby bun lay in Jiang Chan’s hands. Li Ma immediately gave her a thumbs up, “Miss, you’re really skilled. You could open a bun shop.”

Jiang Chan just smirked, not saying much. Her hands continued to work swiftly, and soon she had made a basket full of steamed buns. Seeing these uniformly sized buns, Li Ma couldn’t help but praise.

During this era, steamed buns were generally filled with meat, and vegetarian ones were rare. Thinking about Lin Shi’s apparent preference for vegetables and lighter dishes that she observed yesterday, Jiang Chan decided to make a vegetarian steamed bun for Lin Shi.

Fortunately, there was leftover pork belly in the kitchen from the previous day, as well as some green vegetables. Jiang Chan quickly rendered the pork belly into oil residue, chopped it finely, and set it aside.

Next, she washed the green vegetables and blanched them in hot water. After draining them they were cut them into fine pieces. Li Ma admired Jiang Chan’s movements, finding them skillful and pleasing to the eye.

She mixed the oil residue with the chopped vegetables and drizzled in vegetable oil, enhancing the flavor of the vegetarian buns. Using meat oil might give it a bit more of a heavy taste.

To make Lin Shi feel more comfortable, Jiang Chan intentionally made the vegetarian bun exquisite, almost like Xiaolongbao1, each one looking delicate and cute.

As she made the buns, Jiang Chan recalled the time when she learned to make them from Aunt Mo. Aunt Mo’s buns were exceptional and always in high demand.

Aunt Mo truly cared for Jiang Chan, generously passing on her culinary skills. Jiang Chan had learned a lot from Aunt Mo, not just about making steamed buns.

Now, these skills came in handy. Jiang Chan felt grateful to Aunt Mo and Uncle Mo, considering them her benefactors in both the past and present, providing her with the means to sustain herself.

Once she returned, she vowed to repay Uncle Mo and Aunt Mo generously. Jiang Chan’s hands worked tirelessly, placing two steamers full of buns on the large pot. Li Ma, with a discerning eye, began to light the fire.

Since Li Ma was in charge of the kitchen, after Jiang Chan finished making the steamed buns, she didn’t interfere further. She just watched as Li Ma prepared white porridge, which would be breakfast.

This white porridge was made from high-quality grains, something Jiang Chan had often eaten in modern times. However, the original owner had never experienced it, making Jiang Chan sigh. Life for the lower-class working people in ancient times was indeed tough.

Jiang Sen’s family house wasn’t very large, with only three main rooms and the rest being side rooms. However, since there were few people in Jiang Sen’s family, several side rooms were empty. Wang Ma and Li Ma shared one room, while Uncle Zhong had another. The kitchen wasn’t far from the main rooms.

Jiang Sen and Lin Shi had talked a lot yesterday, going to bed quite late. They only woke up at the usual time, and Wang Ma had already brought hot water for washing.

Seeing Lin Shi sitting in front of the mirror doing her makeup, Wang Ma commented, “Miss got up early today and even made vegetarian steamed buns in the kitchen.”

Lin Shi frowned, about to say something, but Jiang Sen, who had been looking a bit listless, suddenly perked up, “Really? Xiao Chan really went to the kitchen to work?”

While speaking, Jiang Sen couldn’t help but swallow. He had been wanting to taste Jiang Chan’s cooking. If she could sell her dishes to Mingyue Tower, her skill must be considerable. He didn’t expect to be blessed with this opportunity on the second day of Jiang Chan’s arrival.

Lin Shi also knew Jiang Sen had a good appetite. Yesterday, when Jiang Sen mentioned Jiang Chan selling her dishes, she thought he might be exaggerating. Now, seeing his eager expression, her curiosity was piqued.

The two of them went to the main hall, where they saw Jiang Chan following behind Li Ma and Uncle Zhong. Li Ma was carrying bowls of white porridge, and Uncle Zhong had two large steamer baskets in his hands.

Once Jiang Sen and Lin Shi were seated, Li Ma swiftly brought out two plates of steamed buns. One plate contained the plump meat buns she made, and the other plate held the delicate Xiaolongbao-style buns made by Jiang Chan.

Li Ma noticed that Jiang Chan was not talkative, so she became Jiang Chan’s spokesperson, explaining Jiang Chan’s culinary skills to Lin Shi.

Jiang Sen was highly anticipating Jiang Chan’s cooking. He first picked up a xiaolongbao and then wolfed it down. Jiang Chan’s xiaolongbao were small and exquisite, and he finished one in two bites.

Lin Shi tasted one delicately and nodded with a smile, “Xiaochen, these vegetarian buns are made quite well. It’s just that it’s so cold today; you should get more rest. We don’t need you to do these chores.”

She didn’t bring Jiang Chan back to make her handle these rough tasks. It was more of an affectionate gesture. Lin Shi didn’t want Jiang Chan to be burdened; after all, she considered her like a daughter.

Jiang Chan felt warmly in her heart, but her expression remained serious. “I usually wake up at this time, and I enjoy making these dishes. If you like, I can make them for you next time.”

Jiang Chan was filial, and Lin Shi was pleased. She patted Jiang Chan’s hand, “Once in a while is enough. There’s no need to do it every day.”

Jiang Chan smiled faintly and picked up another vegetarian bun for Lin Shi. “Last night, you didn’t eat meat dishes, so I thought you might prefer vegetables. I made this vegetarian bun to stimulate your appetite. It’s light and not greasy.”

Jiang Sen was surprised to see Jiang Chan being so thoughtful, even noticing Lin Shi’s dietary preferences. Now it seemed that this girl was not only good at cooking but also had a caring heart.

It wasn’t that Jiang Sen was calculative, but everyone is an emotional being. When efforts are met with appreciation, especially in emotional matters, anyone would feel happy.

Lin Shi didn’t say much. She just felt that Jiang Chan was becoming more to her liking. At such a young age, she was not only considerate but also good at taking care of people. Lin Shi wondered whose family would benefit from this in the future.

Jiang Chan’s life in the Jiang family was like a fish in water. She wasn’t someone who liked to trouble others. Probably because she grew up in an orphanage, she had learned to read people’s expressions.

If she genuinely wanted to please someone, practically no one could escape her influence. She spoke little but did a lot. Both Jiang Sen and Lin Shi observed this.

In less than half a month, everyone in the Jiang family praised Jiang Chan endlessly. Jiang Sen and Lin Shi were thoroughly impressed by Jiang Chan’s culinary skills. In fact, everyone in the Jiang family was in awe of Jiang Chan’s cooking.

Lin Shi used to worry about Jiang Chan, telling her not to run to the kitchen all the time. However, after tasting Jiang Chan’s dishes, she had forgotten all about those concerns.

  1. Xiaolongbao refers to a type of small Chinese steamed bun (baozi) traditionally prepared in a xiaolong, a small bamboo steaming basket. ↩︎


  1. Ah, the “vegetarian” bun… made with meat juice 🙄 things like this are why none of the vegetarians I know ever want to go out to eat!

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