The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 15

It was perhaps due to good mood that evening, when returning home, Lin Shi served a dinner that appeared sumptuous to others but seemed lacking in flavor to Jiang Chan. Lin Shi even used half a bowl more rice than usual.

If Jiang Sen hadn’t tasted the delicious dishes at Mingyue Tower at noon, he wouldn’t have been so resentful during dinner. While holding his bowl, he stole glances at Jiang Chan.

Seeing her eating with a serious expression, Jiang Sen’s mood inexplicably improved a lot. Jiang Chan wasn’t overly particular; back in the orphanage, although they could barely have enough to eat, it wasn’t a feast every day.

Now in Jiang Sen’s house, despite the less flavorful dishes, either boiled or hastily stir-fried, Jiang Chan wasn’t picky. If it wasn’t tasty, she could just cook for herself next time.

So, as she ate the tasteless boiled pork, Jiang Chan remained unperturbed. If it were the original owner, let alone being picky, her eyes might turn green.

From the memories of the original owner, Jiang Chan knew that she had never really eaten rich and savory food in her life. This made Jiang Chan reflect on the kind of life the original owner had in Jiang Mu’s family.

After dinner, Wang Ma took Jiang Chan to wash up, while Jiang Sen and Lin Shi naturally went back to their room to speak privately.

In the room, Lin Shi half leaned on the bed, watching Jiang Sen sitting on the side sipping tea. Looking at the gentle smile on Lin Shi’s face, Jiang Sen asked, “You’re in a good mood?”

Lin Shi lowered her head, “Indeed, Jiang Chan is a child to my liking. Although she is a bit more serious like you, she is very considerate.”

Jiang Sen chuckled softly, “I was worried you wouldn’t be pleased. In general, when families choose to adopt, they usually pick a boy to carry on the family name. Our family chose Jiang Chan, who will have to marry in the future.”

Lin Shi chuckled, “Whether it’s a boy or a girl, as long as they meet my expectations, it’s fine. As for marrying them off, it depends on Jiang Chan’s temperament. If we get along well, we can let her bring in a son-in-law in the future.”

“You, with this idea…” Jiang Sen shook his head helplessly. Only Lin Shi could come up with the idea of letting their daughter bring in a son-in-law. If outsiders knew about this idea, they would think Lin Shi was bold and whimsical.

Jiang Sen, however, liked Lin Shi’s unconventional thinking. He shook his head, “I think the girl has good ideas. Let’s see how it goes in the future.”

Smiling, Lin Shi said, “That’s great. I like people with good ideas. If someone is too submissive, I won’t like it.”

Jiang Sen and Lin Shi discussed matters in their own way, completely unbeknownst to Jiang Chan. After rejecting Wang Ma’s offer to help her wash up, Jiang Chan quickly tidied up and lay down on the bed.

From yesterday’s arrival until now, she could say she had been working hard. Last night, she only took a short nap, always keeping an eye on the outside weather. Today, she had been on alert the entire day. At least now, things seemed to have settled.

The actions of Jiang Sen and his wife indeed resolved many of Jiang Chan’s troubles, making it more convenient for her to fulfill the original owner’s mission.

The newly established Jiang family was happy, while the atmosphere in the Jiang Mu family was gloomy.

During dinner, looking at the rough cornbread on the table, Jiang Mu’s face was stern as he looked at Jiang Xing. There was still a hint of resentment on her face. Twisting her fingers without looking, she didn’t eat, just stared at the tabletop.

Wang Shi wiped her hands on the side, watching the standoff between Jiang Mu and Jiang Xing. Privately, she also thought it would be great if Jiang Sen had adopted Jiang Xing. Then, Jiang Xing could have lived a lady’s life. Now, that little maid Jiang Chan was benefiting for no reason.

“Who came up with the idea of adoption?” After a while, Jiang Mu finally asked. Being a middle-level scholar, he wasn’t foolish. When he saw Wang Shi fidgeting and Jiang Xing trembling at the sight, he understood.

“Although our family is living modestly, we haven’t deprived you of food or clothing. Why are you so eager to be adopted by your uncle’s family?”

After all these years of caring for his daughter, despite the disappointment in his heart, Jiang Mu tried to reason with Jiang Xing. If it were Jiang Chan who did such a thing, Jiang Mu wouldn’t even bother reasoning; she would be punished not to eat and confined to her room to reflect.

Jiang Xing pursed her lips. “Who would want to endure such hardships? But on the surface, I still put on a timid appearance.”

“Dad, I just saw Second Sister with new clothes and jewelry. I was momentarily blinded by jealousy. After all, there is no way that other people’s families are as good as my own.”

She also knew that now that Jiang Sen had been adopted out, her hopes were dashed. She could only try to please Jiang Mu and Wang Shi. If both Jiang Mu and Wang Shi ignored her, she would definitely have a hard time in this family.

Jiang Mu didn’t know whether to accept this explanation. He waved his hand, “What you did today is indeed wrong. There might be rumors in the village tomorrow. You’re not allowed to go out for some time, and you should learn to do household chores by following your mother.”

As Jiang Xing was about to say something, Jiang Mu raised his eyes, “Aren’t you going back to your room? No dinner for you tonight!”

Jiang Mu had never been so strict with Jiang Xing before. She was instantly frightened, choked back a sob, and hurriedly returned to her room. Wang Shi, looking at her distressed, sat down beside Jiang Mu, “Wasn’t it too harsh on Xing’er? She was just momentarily confused. A good talk would have sufficed.”

It seemed that Wang Shi was still reasonable, the only difference was whom she sided with. Jiang Mu sighed, “You know, today the third daughter insisted on being adopted by her elder brother’s family. How will others see us if this news spreads? People will think we, as parents, are heartless, making our child unable to live in her own home.”

“If such a charge were to be spread, it would be difficult for Miao’er to make any further progress. It seems that even marrying into a good family would become a problem.

Jiang Mu was also furious. For a scholar aiming to advance through the imperial examinations, there must be no stains on their record. Now that Jiang Xing has caused such a scene, if it truly gets out, where would Jiang Mu’s face be?

Wang Shi immediately became nervous, “It’s not that serious, is it? Miao’er cannot afford any mistakes.”

Jiang Mu snorted, “It is serious. It’s all because you spoiled her. From now on, take her to do some household chores at home. Don’t let her run around casually. Wait until this storm blows over.”

Wang Shi naturally nodded in a hurry, and Jiang Mu sighed, “Now that the eldest daughter is not at home, we only have the third daughter left. Let her learn to do some work, even if it’s chopping wood and fetching water, washing clothes, and cooking. She should at least be able to do those.”

Wang Shi hesitated, “If she does washing and cooking, her fingers will become rough. It might be harder for her to marry into a good family in the future.”

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