The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 14

” This kind of calmness like this is not something an ordinary person can fake. Either she doesn’t understand what adoption means to her, or even without their adoption, she could live just fine on her own.

Thinking about how confidently Jiang Chan talked with him in the study, Jiang Sen understood that she was most likely leaning towards the latter. This girl had a stubborn personality. If Jiang Chan were like Jiang Xing, eagerly wanting to be adopted into their family, Jiang Sen and Lin Shi would have to think it over carefully.

But with Jiang Chan, who seemed indifferent to them, Jiang Sen and Lin Shi felt that everything about her was good.

Therefore, when Wang Shi suggested this idea, Lin Shi was the first to disagree. She carefully examined Jiang Xing, dressed in a neat little jacket and a slightly worn-out skirt underneath. Her fingers were delicate, seemingly untouched by the hardships of life.

Thinking back to Jiang Chan’s appearance just now, Lin Shi’s heart had already completely sided with Jiang Chan. She glanced at Jiang Xing who was full of expectations and said, ‘No, I feel a connection with Jiang Chan and I just want Jiang Chan.’

‘Jiang Xing is the apple of my sister-in-law’s eye. We can’t snatch her away. Let Jiang Xing stay under my sister-in-law’s care. Lin Shi spoke eloquently, and even Wang Shi understood her meaning.

She wanted to say more, but a stern look from Jiang Mu silenced her. She dared not say anything more in front of the elders.

She could only pull the reluctant Jiang Xing outside. After taking a few steps, Jiang Xing suddenly turned and said, ‘Aunt, take me away. I’m much more capable than my second sister. She can only chop wood, burn water, wash clothes, and cook.’

With these words, the elders among the family started buzzing with discussion. Hearing the discussions, Jiang Mu’s face turned even more embarrassed. They had never heard of someone actively wanting to be adopted. Wasn’t Jiang Xing implying that her parents were unkind?

Jiang Mu, who usually prided himself as a scholar, now felt the sting of embarrassment. Jiang Xing’s actions were tearing away his facade as a scholar and trampling it on the ground. At this moment, Jiang Mu felt a thorn in his back.

He thought he had spoiled Jiang Xing enough. Usually, he let Jiang Chan handle everything. Now, Jiang Xing, disregarding their concerns, wanted to move to his elder brother’s family. Did she really think that the days after adoption would be so much better?

Regardless of what Jiang Mu was thinking, Lin Shi, after hearing Jiang Xing’s words, felt deeply distressed. She took Jiang Chan’s hand and saw not only frostbite but also many calluses. It didn’t look like the hand of a fourteen-year-old girl.

Jiang Sen’s jaw clenched tightly. He looked at Jiang Mu and said, ‘Third brother, you really have good parenting skills. One is the apple of your eye, and the other is like a servant girl.’

Jiang Mu’s face turned even more embarrassed. He escorted Wang Shi and Jiang Xing out of the ancestral hall. When he re-entered, he felt as if everyone was looking at him with mocking eyes.

One could only say that people like Jiang Mu were used to having their way and were self-centered. Sometimes, you are not that important.

Without Wang Shi and Jiang Xing interfering, the adoption process for Jiang Chan went smoothly. Watching her name shift from Jiang Mu’s to Jiang Sen’s, a huge burden lifted from Jiang Chan’s heart.

Now that the first step of the long journey had been taken, as long as she planned carefully, her life would be drastically different from the original owner’s.

With the adoption settled, the Jiang Sen family didn’t want to stay in the village any longer. They declined the elders’ invitation for a meal and set off on the road back to town.

They left gracefully, leaving behind a flurry of rumors in the village.

The reason Jiang Mu agreed so readily was ultimately because he promised to provide financial support for Jiang Miao’s trip to the capital for the imperial examination. Without this statement, Jiang Mu wouldn’t have agreed.

Although Wang Shi claimed to be making a show of strength for Jiang Chan, fundamentally, it was still with the consent of Jiang Mu. In his heart, the daughter could never compare to the son. Thus, it can be seen that Jiang Mu is also thoroughly selfish and self-interested.

Now, Jiang Miao needed money for the imperial examination. They thought about selling off this daughter, who had little presence, just for the sake of it. This was the path to becoming a scholar. What if Jiang Miao aimed for the position of a Jinshi in the future? What would Jiang Mu’s family do then?

In the carriage, Jiang Chan was already considered their daughter, and Jiang Sen no longer sat outside the carriage but with Lin Shi. Lin Shi held Jiang Chan’s hand, sighing constantly, indicating that Jiang Chan had suffered too much before.

Jiang Chan found it challenging to handle Lin Shi’s gentle and tender personality, so she couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Sen for help. Seeing the young girl not as serious as before, Jiang Sen smiled and stroked his beard.

‘Xiao Chan, we’ve almost reached our home. As her mother, you should take good care of her and try to make her plump and healthy.’

Lin Shi nodded continuously, already discussing what dishes to make when they returned at night and planning to measure clothes for Jiang Chan tomorrow. Watching Lin Shi busying herself for her, Jiang Chan’s eyes revealed a trace of warmth.

After thinking for a moment, she took out ten taels of silver from her sleeve and handed it to Jiang Sen. Jiang Sen lowered his gaze to the silver in her hand and asked, ‘What does this mean?’

Jiang Chan pursed her lips. ‘This is the silver I earned from selling the recipe this morning. I promised to cover Jiang Miao’s expenses for the imperial examination, so I can’t let… Dad spend money.’

She wanted to say ‘Uncle,’ but hurriedly changed her words. Jiang Sen raised his eyebrows in satisfaction. He didn’t expect being called ‘Dad’ would feel so good. His expression softened a bit. ‘Since it’s the money you earned, keep it for yourself. A young lady should have some money on hand.’

Lin Shi and Wang Ma, not knowing when they had stopped talking, watched Jiang Chan and Jiang Sen interact. Seeing the silver in Jiang Chan’s hand, Lin Shi suddenly smiled and said, ‘Just keep it as your dad says. My daughter is really amazing, she can earn her own money.’

Listening to Lin Shi’s sincere praise, Jiang Chan also smiled slightly. She put the silver away. ‘Then I’ll keep it for myself and buy something nice for Mom in the future.’

Lin Shi and Jiang Sen didn’t take it to heart. Although ten taels of silver might seem like a lot to the villagers, to Lin Shi and Jiang Sen, it was just a month’s allowance for Jiang Sen.

Oh, Jiang Sen was quite famous as a teacher in the town’s academy. Ten taels of silver were not much, and Lin Shi wasn’t superficial. She just thought Jiang Chan was really a treasure.

At such a young age, she could earn her own money. It was truly rare. Thinking about it, Lin Shi looked at Jiang Chan with even more tender eyes.”

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