The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 13

After pacing around the study for a while, Jiang Sen couldn’t resist calling Lin Shi over to discuss the next arrangements. Time was of the essence, and who knew what unforeseen circumstances might arise if they delayed?

A single word can awaken a person from a dream. Lin Shi immediately forgot about getting Jiang Chan to change his words. After tidying up with the servant Wang Ma, the four of them, along with the steward Uncle Zhong, got into the carriage heading towards Jiang Chan’s biological parents, the Jiang family.

To avoid suspicion, Jiang Sen sat outside accompanying Uncle Zhong in driving the carriage, while Lin Shi, Wang Ma, and Jiang Chan sat inside. Jiang Sen was quite pleased in his heart, despite the cold weather. Just the thought of bringing Jiang Chan back to the village and officially making her his daughter filled his heart with warmth.

The carriage indeed made swift progress, arriving at the outskirts of Jiang Mu’s house in less than an hour. Jiang Chan pursed her lips as she got off the carriage. It was already dusk, and smoke had begun rising from the roofs of some houses.

Having spent the whole day outside, she was unsure how Wang Shi would react when she returned. However, Jiang Chan wasn’t afraid of Wang Shi. She was not one to be intimidated easily.

Hearing the neighing of horses outside, Wang Shi came out and saw Jiang Chan getting off the carriage. Without waiting for Jiang Chan to steady herself, Wang Shi slapped her on the back.

Jiang Chan didn’t dodge or evade; she simply received two slaps from Wang Shi on her back. This made Lin Shi, who followed along, feel distressed. She quickly pulled Jiang Chan aside and inquired about her well-being.

Jiang Sen’s expression also soured. Witnessing how Jiang Chan had been living in the third brother’s house, he, being a grown man, found it difficult to say anything to a woman like Wang Shi.

He shook his sleeves and said, “Sister-in-law, Jiang Chan just came back. Couldn’t you be a bit concerned about where she went, if she had dinner? You just slapped her as soon as she came up. Isn’t that a bit too much?”

Only now did Wang Shi get a clear view of Jiang Sen and Lin Shi. She shrank her neck, still quite afraid of Jiang Sen. The head of the Jiang family, Jiang Mu, acted like a quail when facing Jiang Sen. Naturally, she didn’t dare to be presumptuous.

Glaring at Jiang Chan, who was being shielded by Lin Shi, Wang Shi gave her a fierce look. After Jiang Sen and the others went back, there would be a time when she could deal with her. However, Wang Shi’s plan was destined to fail.

While they were talking, Jiang Mu returned with a book in his hand. Seeing a crowd and a carriage in front of the house, he only realized upon getting closer that it was Jiang Sen’s family.

The Jiang family holds a prominent status in the village, and Jiang Sen is a successful scholar, making him the most accomplished member of the Jiang family. His return is undoubtedly a significant event. Soon, the elders of the Jiang family gathered in the ancestral hall, and when Jiang Sen expressed his intention to adopt Jiang Chan, discussions began.

Some disagreed, but most people remained indifferent. If it were a boy being adopted, there might be some debate, but since Jiang Chan was a girl and almost of marriageable age, Jiang Sen could only keep her for a year.

With the consent of the Jiang family elders, Jiang Chan smoothly became adopted into Jiang Sen and Lin Shi’s family. Lin Shi happily held Jiang Chan’s hand, praising her as a good girl.

During this adoption process, a small incident occurred, which Jiang Chan saw as a farce.

Normally, girls were not allowed into the ancestral hall. Even Jiang Xing could only stand outside with Wang Shi. The only two people of different genders allowed in were Jiang Chan and Lin Shi. Seeing Jiang Chan standing behind Lin Shi, jealousy filled Jiang Xing’s eyes.

Thinking about it, Jiang Sen’s intention to adopt Jiang Chan was no secret in the village. It quickly spread, and many gossiping women and young girls gathered outside the ancestral hall.

Among them were Jiang Xing’s good friends. Seeing the clothes and jewelry on Jiang Chan, all the village girls envied her.

“Jiang Xing, your aunt is really good to your second sister. New clothes and jewelry too.”

“No kidding? Jiang Chan will be a young lady from a scholarly family in the future. She won’t be the same as us.”

“A young lady from a scholarly family? What kind of person will she marry in the future?”

“We don’t know, but it’s definitely more than just an ordinary scholar. I guess she might even marry a scholarly master in the future.”

The girls discussed the clothes and jewelry on Jiang Chan, while the older women thought further. If Jiang Chan was really adopted into Jiang Sen’s family, she wouldn’t be paired with commoners.

In their eyes, Jiang Chan was reaching for the sky. Listening to the whispers around her and seeing Jiang Chan’s clothes and accessories, jealousy surged in Jiang Xing.

She pulled Wang Shi and said, “Mother, why don’t you talk to my aunt and have her let my uncle adopt me? I will still be filial to you. Yesterday, my second sister even dared to contradict you.”

Her words were sharp and incisive. Upon hearing it, Wang Shi’s heart immediately tilted towards Jiang Xing. Indeed, if that annoying girl Jiang Chan is adopted by Jiang Sen in the future, it’s likely that her own biological mother will be forgotten.

If Jiang Xing were adopted, it would be different. Jiang Xing had always been close to her, and if she were adopted, she would remain filial. Could Jiang Xing forget her birth mother after being adopted by Jiang Sen?

Thinking of this, Wang Shi felt more and more that it was feasible. As discussions were about to conclude inside the ancestral hall, Wang Shi shouted, “Wait a moment, I have something to say.”

The eldest uncle, who was about to speak, was unexpectedly preempted by Wang Shi. Glancing at Jiang Mu, his eyes indicated that the head of the family should speak; where did women have the right to intervene?

Under such gazes, Jiang Mu felt it difficult to raise his head. However, Wang Shi ignored all that, pulling Jiang Xing into the ancestral hall and smiling at Lin Shi.

“Sister-in-law, since you’re adopting our daughter, why not take Xing as well? She’s clever and nimble. She even learned a few words from her father. She’ll definitely be more considerate than our eldest daughter.”

This statement revealed a new facet of Wang Shi’s character, surprising both Lin Shi and Jiang Sen. Jiang Sen looked at Jiang Mu with a wry smile. He hadn’t expected his wife to have such a character.

Wang Shi and Jiang Xing came out like this, and although Jiang Chan was a bit surprised, upon careful consideration, it seemed quite in line with the character and style of Wang Shi and Jiang Xing. She just didn’t know if the idea of adopting her was Wang Shi’s or Jiang Xing’s.

If it was Wang Shi’s, Jiang Chan wasn’t surprised. If it was Jiang Xing’s, that would be truly unexpected.

Many thoughts turned over in her mind, but Jiang Chan maintained a calm expression. This made Jiang Sen nod secretly. Just this kind of temperament was worthy of admiration.

Facing an opportunity that could change her life, if someone came out to interfere at this moment, even the calmest person would inevitably show some changes in expression. However, as Jiang Sen observed quietly, Jiang Chan remained remarkably composed.

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