The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 12

Lin Shi spat at him, “You sure know a lot.”

She sighed, “I actually quite like this girl. Looking at her, you can tell she’s been through a lot. Even in this cold weather, she wears so little, and her hands have frostbite. It seems she hasn’t had an easy life at home either.”

“Now, her mother has done such a thing, it’s really hard for her.”

“If we get along well, after a year or two, we’ll find a good family for her. We won’t treat her badly.”

Jiang Sen spoke very sensibly; raising a girl indeed didn’t require much effort.

He absolutely refused to admit that he was tempted by Jiang Chan’s skills. If Jiang Chan came to their house, wouldn’t they be going to the restaurant every day? Thinking of this, Jiang Sen’s throat moved slightly.

Lin Shi was a bit moved. If there was really a child under her care, not to mention caring for her in old age, at least it wouldn’t be as lonely as it is now.

Staying in this empty house every day, Lin Shi felt unbearably lonely. But children are the darlings of their parents. If they adopt the third daughter of another family, how would the third family feel?

“Why worry so much? Let’s go ask Jiang Chan’s opinion, isn’t that better?”

Seeing Lin Shi’s worried expression, Jiang Sen couldn’t bear it and simply took her to ask Jiang Chan. They shouldn’t get too enthusiastic in their discussion in case she wasn’t interested. Although the possibility was slim.

Jiang Sen dared to guarantee that Jiang Chan, such a rational person, after weighing the pros and cons, would definitely choose to be adopted by them.

Sure enough, after Lin Shi explained to Jiand Chan the idea of adoption, Jiang Chan agreed without blinking.

Jiang Chan didn’t expect such a good thing to fall into her lap. Without comparison, the Jiang Mu family was like a big pit. She had planned to slowly figure out how to escape from Jiang Mu’s family, but if she was adopted by Jiang Sen’s family, wouldn’t that be a shortcut?

Although Jiang Chan didn’t understand why Jiang Sen would make such a suggestion, she didn’t care. Since he proposed it, it meant she still had value. Jiang Chan wasn’t afraid of others having ulterior motives; she was afraid of being worthless.

Lin Shi didn’t expect it to go so smoothly and was stunned for a moment. When she saw Jiang Sen’s playful expression, she suddenly understood the reason.

She didn’t think Jiang Chan was indifferent; on the contrary, she felt even more sorry for her. Children always yearn for their parents. Now, Jiang Chan, so decisively wanting to leave Jiang Mu’s family, made Lin Shi even more reluctant to let go of her.

Since it was confirmed that she would be their girl from now on, Lin Shi treated Jiang Chan even more attentively. Even the maid Wang Ma, who had been accompaning Lin Shi, was standing aside wiping tears. If they could really adopt a child, the lady wouldn’t be so lonely.

Following Lin Shi’s orders, Wang Ma busied herself. There were no clothes for a girl of Jiang Chan’s age in the house, so Lin Shi found her own clothes from her youth and let Jiang Chan wear them.

Looking at Jiang Chan’s dry yellow hair and hands full of frostbite, Lin Shi shed tears of distress. If it were her daughter, she wouldn’t let her suffer like this.

Jiang Chan grew up in an orphanage and was used to being cold and indifferent. Although the director took good care of her, she wasn’t as close to her as Lin Shi was now. Seeing Lin Shi combing her hair, Jiang Chan felt a bit uneasy.

Facing someone close, Jiang Chan was a bit awkward. After thinking for a moment, she said, “The past is over, things will get better in the future. It’s okay to endure a little hardship when you’re young, as long as it doesn’t last forever.”

Jiang Sen, who happened to be nearby, heard this sentence and pondered for a moment. Suddenly, a serious face turned into a faint smile. The third brother had said that Jiang Chan was dull-witted, but now it seemed that Jiang Chan was quite insightful.

This didn’t sound like something a fourteen-year-old girl would say. At this moment, Jiang Sen wondered how many surprises Jiang Chan would bring him in the future.

He didn’t disturb the newly arrived mother and daughter, but instead shook his head and went to the study.

Lin Shi also noticed that Jiang Chan was not good at expressing herself. Seeing the serious girl trying hard to smile and comfort her, Lin Shi suddenly burst into tears of laughter and continued to comb Jiang Chan’s hair.

Since Jiang Chan had not yet reached maturity, Lin Shi skillfully made two buns for her and found two silver bell-adorned pearl strings from her own dressing box to wrap around the buns, making Jiang Chan look much livelier.

Watching Lin Shi bustling around her, Jiang Chan felt uncomfortable. She was used to being rough, and even in the modern era, she hadn’t spent so much time on grooming.

However, seeing both Lin Shi and Wang Ma so enthusiastic, Jiang Chan obediently played the role of a doll. Although this doll was currently a bit thin, a bit dark, and had yellowed hair.

Lin Shi indeed enjoyed herself thoroughly until she was satisfied with Jiang Chan’s appearance. Holding Jiang Chan’s chin, Lin Shi carefully examined her, “Xiao Chan has a very beautiful face, it’s just that she suffered too much before.”

Following Lin Shi’s gaze to the bronze mirror, Jiang Chan wrinkled her face the next moment. How did Lin Shi make her up with this blurry mirror? How could she see her face clearly?

This was the first time Jiang Chan had seen the original owner’s face clearly after coming here. Although the features were not particularly delicate, they were not ugly either. At most, they could be described as delicate but not beautiful, and there was not enough elegance when combined.

Jiang Chan glanced briefly, then sincerely praised Lin Shi, saying, “Aunt is truly beautiful, the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”

Jiang Chan’s words were not exaggerated at all. In modern society, as long as someone knew how to dress up a bit, almost everyone could make themselves look similar. Especially now, students generally mature early, and many high school students wear makeup.

Jiang Chan had seen a lot in modern society, and beautiful people were not uncommon, but those with good temperament were relatively rare. Temperament was a mysterious thing; the saying “that one is full of poetry and calligraphy, exuding an air of refinement” made sense.

Without the cultivation of cultural literacy, people from ordinary families couldn’t develop such temperament. Lin Shi was like this; she was gentle, and her whole body exuded a very gentle temperament. She looked like she came from a scholarly family.

Lin Shi was amused by Jiang Chan’s frank statement and playfully poked Jiang Chan’s forehead, “Xiao Chan, you really know how to talk. But now I’m not your aunt anymore. You should change how you address me.”

Jiang Chan understood instantly and was about to say something when Jiang Sen outside said, “It’s getting late. Let’s go to the village first. After officially adopting Xiao Chan, we can take our time to change the way we address each other.”

Jiang Sen was restless in the study. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Jiang Chan was a piece of uncut jade. If she stayed a moment longer in someone else’s house, he would be reluctant. He wished he could bring her into his home right now.

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