The Supporting Female Character Refuses to be Cannon Fodder Chapter 11

Jiang Chan naturally saw Jiang Sen’s expression in the dark. Judging by Jiang Sen’s appearance, it seemed like he enjoyed the food, which made things easier. Seeing the waiter preparing to serve Jiang Sen, Jiang Chan volunteered and took the tray from the waiter.

She was used to doing farm work, so even though the tray was a bit heavy, Jiang Chan didn’t mind. After serving Jiang Sen, she didn’t leave but sat down across from him.

The innkeeper and waiter were both busy, and they didn’t notice Jiang Chan’s actions. Jiang Sen also didn’t pay attention until someone served him the food. Not only did the person not leave, but they also sat across from him. Jiang Sen raised his eyebrows suspiciously.

Seeing a thin face with short, messy hair on the opposite side, Jiang Sen felt a sense of familiarity. After thinking for a moment, he said, “Jiang Chan?”

Jiang Chan nodded. “Uncle has a good memory!”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Sen, who rarely returned, still remembered her name.

No matter how stupid Jiang Sen was, he knew that Jiang Chan had come specifically to find him. He nodded, “Since you’re here, let’s eat together. We can talk after the meal.”

As the waiter added another set of utensils for Jiang Chan, Jiang Sen didn’t say much. Instead, he savored the rare delicacies.

After the meal, Jiang Sen wiped his mouth. “This isn’t the place to talk. My house is nearby. I’ll take you to meet your aunt.”

Jiang Chan naturally agreed. In fact, Jiang Sen’s suggestion was exactly what she wanted. The matter she needed help with was best discussed in a quiet place, away from the crowd in the restaurant.

Watching Jiang Chan leave with Jiang Sen, the innkeeper, who happened to notice, rubbed his goatee. Unexpectedly, this little Jiang and Mr. Jiang are acquainted. Both surnamed Jiang, could it be a coincidence?

With this thought, the innkeeper’s hand trembled unintentionally. Without realizing it, he pulled out a strand of his beard, causing him to grimace in pain.

After walking with Jiang Sen for a few minutes, Jiang Chan stopped in front of a quiet courtyard. Jiang Sen knocked on the door, and a round-faced maid came to open it.

“Master is back.”

Seeing Jiang Chan, the servant was momentarily surprised but then warmly invited her inside. Lin Shi, who heard the servant’s voice, had already walked out of the hall and stood gracefully by the door.

Jiang Chan carefully looked at Lin Shi. Her temperament was gentle, and she exuded a charming grace. Now leaning against the door, she seemed like the epitome of a delicate Jiangnan woman.

Jiang Sen had already greeted Lin Shi upon seeing her. Frowning, he touched Lin Shi’s hand and said, “It’s so cold outside, and your health is not good. Why don’t you stay inside?”

Lin Shi smiled, “Staying inside all the time gets boring. I came out for some fresh air. I’m dressed warmly; it’s not cold at all.”

Seeing that Lin Shi’s complexion was good, Jiang Sen felt relieved. After giving a few instructions to the servant, he turned to Jiang Chan, who was three steps away. “Let’s go to the study.”

Lin Shi had also recognized Jiang Chan by now, initially mistaking her for a young man.

“Why are you so serious with Xiao Chan? Don’t be afraid, here is just like your own home,” Lin Shi said with a smile.

Jiang Chan, feeling helpless, had no choice but to nod. If this place was supposed to be like her own home, it would have been better not to come. Nevertheless, it was Lin Shi’s good intention, so Jiang Chan could only nod and follow Jiang Sen to the study. The crucial battle was about to begin. Whether she could escape from Jiang Mu and Wang Shi’s control depended on what happened next.

In the study, Jiang Sen tapped his fingers on the table, his expression unreadable. “Are you suggesting that I talk to your father and provide the funds for Jiang Miao to go to the capital for the imperial examination? Why not give the money directly to Jiang Mu? Why involve me in this?”

Jiang Chan’s heart skipped a beat. “Jiang Miao needs five taels of silver for the journey to the capital. Our family can’t save up even one tael in a year. A few days ago, my mother spread the word that she would consider any proposal, regardless of the suitor’s character, as long as the dowry was generous.”

Jiang Chan’s expression remained calm. When she mentioned considering proposals, there was no hint of shyness, as if it were not her lifelong affair. This made Jiang Sen raise an intrigued eyebrow.

“Since I was six, I’ve been doing many things at home—chopping wood, fetching water, cooking. I also worked as a maid to support my elder brother Jiang Miao’s education. Despite also being a daughter, Jiang Xing could study and write under father’s guidance without doing anything.”

She was talking about the life of the original owner. Her words were calm, as if narrating someone else’s story.

“In that kind of family, I had to rely on myself. I couldn’t count on my parents. I’ve already stood on my own feet,” Jiang Chan lowered her eyes, and Jiang Sen couldn’t read her thoughts.

“I can help you by giving the money to Jiang Miao, but what’s your plan afterward?” Jiang Sen pondered and suddenly asked.

Jiang Chan’s eyes lit up. “I’m already grateful that you’re willing to help me. Once Jiang Miao goes for the examination, my mother won’t rush me to consider marriage proposals. I can then find work in town.”

“You? Work?” Jiang Sen looked skeptical. “Although some women engage in business, working is rare, isn’t it?”

“It’s okay. I’m good at cooking. Didn’t you just taste the dishes I made? I sold them to Mingyue Tower,” she replied in a relaxed tone. At this point, cooking was the only skill she could boast about.

Jiang Sen was genuinely surprised this time. He hadn’t expected Jiang Chan to have this skill. Looking at her plans, though still somewhat immature, she relied on herself and did not ask for anything from others. After some contemplation, he asked, “Sit here for a while. I have something to do in the backyard.”

Jiang Chan nodded. As Jiang Sen prepared to leave, she asked, “Can I read the books here?”

Jiang Sen’s study was extensive, filled with several bookshelves containing precious handwritten books. In this era, books were a luxury, and most households didn’t have any.

“You can read them if you understand,” Jiang Sen said.

Seeing Jiang Chan pick up a travel journal and quietly sit in a chair, Jiang Sen pushed the door and left. He now had an idea in mind, but he needed to discuss it with Lin Shi.

“Do you mean you want to adopt Jiang Chan into our family? Will her parents agree to it?” Lin Shi poured tea for Jiang Sen, hesitating. Wasn’t this equivalent to snatching someone else’s child?

Jiang Sen explained Jiang Chan’s situation thoroughly. “This child has had a hard life. Now that she has sought help from me, I can’t just stand by. The idea of adoption is mine.”

“In that kind of family, she’d be better off in our house, keeping you company. I can see you quite like her,” Jiang Sen said slowly, sipping his tea.

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