The Young Daughter of the Goddess 4

Queen Sabina huddled alone in a spacious room lit by only a few candles, shivering with fear. She only sat up when a court lady entered to inform her that General Ribola had arrived.

“I apologize.”

As soon as she heard the first words, a mix of groans and wails escaped from between Sabina’s tightly clenched teeth. Her tightly clenched fists trembled not with anger, but with fear. Ribola knelt down.

“We thoroughly searched the castle, but…”

“They’re not there? Did they turn into smoke? Did they dissolve in water? Is it so common to find a beautiful woman wandering around with a child in her arms that not a single person saw them for an entire day and night?”

“I suspected someone might have hidden them, so I ordered to look for anyone, even with a verified identity, who accompanied a woman and child. We received several reports and are currently tracking them. One of the suspects used a false identity, so we prioritized pursuing him first.”

“A false identity?”

“Yes. He claimed to be the son of the Urs family from Kisa, but there are no records of anyone with that name passing through the castle gate this year.”

The Urs family from Kisa had fourteen sons. It was a very convenient family to borrow a name from. Sabina stomped her foot in anger.

“So you just let him go based on a name?”

“No, he showed a seal. That’s why we believed him, but…”

“Idiots doing useless things! Incompetent fools! Do you even realize what this means? If His Majesty hangs me, he’ll take all of you with me. Do you think anyone will survive? Do you even know how fierce His Majesty’s wrath is?”

It was clear that they were all in the same boat. As the morning dawned and it was discovered that the concubine Erectina and Prince Politimos were missing, the king released a search party of military scale within the castle.

The king would suspect the queen first. It was crucial not to get caught. When the king’s search party started inquiring, Rivola called in his subordinates, leaving only a few behind. They were already on edge for having previously impersonated the king’s soldiers during their inquiries. They couldn’t just wait idly, for if Erectina and the prince survived and were found by the king, it would be the end. The initial plan to lure them outside the palace and kill them was a mistake. They should have taken the risk to kill them in the detached palace and transport the bodies. The plan was to frame it as if she had run away with her old lover, but that lowly woman was more perceptive than expected. She hid better than a mouse.

They had no choice but to wait for any outcome. At this moment, waiting was the hardest part. As Sabina stood up, gesturing for Ribola to leave, Ribola took out a letter from his pocket.

“Your Majesty, there is a message from Lord Herodion of your family.”

Herodion was Sabina’s eldest brother and the head of their family. As she snatched the letter from Ribola and tore it open, Sabina bit her lip. Herodion, who would be well aware of the situation, would surely scold his sister for her recklessness. If things went wrong, it wasn’t just Sabina who would be ruined but their entire family. However, Sabina’s expression changed as she read the letter. As soon as she finished reading, she immediately tore the letter and threw it into the brazier before asking.

“Where is Ayub?”

“He is waiting outside.”

“Bring him in. Hurry.”

Ribola left, and soon a man called Ayub entered. He was a very short man, his entire body wrapped in black cloth, a hood over his head, and his hands hidden inside his clothes. Only his feet, wearing sandals, and his mouth and chin visible below the hood, were exposed. He bowed to the queen.

“I wish peace and favor upon Your Majesty.”

“Peace and favor are out of the question unless you act immediately.”

“I will do my utmost to ensure Your Majesty’s peaceful sleep.”

“Find the person. A young woman and a little boy.”

“Do you mean His Majesty’s concubine and her son?”

Those connected to the queen’s family knew she did not acknowledge Politimos as a prince. Sabina glared at Ayub and then nodded.


Ayub slightly pulled back his hood and said.

“I must follow the solemn order, but as you know, I am not skilled at finding people.”

Sabina saw the brand on Ayub’s half-exposed forehead. Even in the candlelight, it was a vivid red centipede shape, a mark of those who practiced evil sorcery. Because of that, he could never take off his hood in public. The demons who lived in the soil since ancient times were always hungry for blood and extremely dangerous, enemies to all gods. Though not worshipped, there were rare individuals who could control them through special means, known as demon sorcerers. They did not worship demons but used them. The centipede mark was not a symbol of worship but a talisman to prevent demons from devouring them. Hence, it had to be carved in a place that was not hidden but immediately visible.

“I understand.”

“Then, can I kill them?”

“As long as it is not discovered, you may tear them apart.”

Ayub nodded.

“Your Majesty, you know my conditions, correct?”

She knew. In the past, she had entrusted this man with dealing with insolent lowly beings. At that time, he had demanded the same condition. Sabina nodded.

“The bodies are yours.”

Ayub smiled.

“Your Majesty’s grace overflows in my cup.”

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