Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 375

“All the rooms in the villa are occupied by people with abilities. Although you’re a woman, this is the apocalypse; only those with abilities can live in spacious rooms.”

Shao Qing turned around and grabbed two more quilts, throwing them into the small compartment. The compartment hadn’t been used for a long time, and as soon as the quilts hit the floor, a cloud of dust billowed up, making Tang Guo cough and step back.

Seeing her in such a sorry state, Shao Qing whistled and walked away.

Shortly after, Shao Qing brought two buckets and placed them in front of her. They were filled with dirty clothes. “Washing these is your job.”

“And over there is the kitchen. Cooking is also your responsibility.”

Shao Qing glanced around the entire villa, a smirk on his face. “Cleaning the villa is also your job. These are all things you can do.”

“This… this is too much.”

“Too much?” Shao Qing’s face darkened. “If you don’t want to do it, you can come with us to kill zombies.”

Tang Guo fell silent, then whispered, “Then…I’ll try it for two days.”

Shao Qing knew she would agree and, humming happily, returned to his room.

[Host, are you really going to do this?]

[This kind of rough work is not suitable for someone of your status.]

Tang Guo lifted her eyelids and walked into the small compartment, closing the door behind her.

“Having traveled through so many worlds, even if I was once a tragic supporting character, doing laundry, cleaning, and cooking are things I really don’t need to do.”

Tang Guo glanced around the tiny compartment and chuckled. “I’ve never lived in such a small room before.”

[Host, this is so beneath you. Why don’t you go to Shi Cheng’s place? He’s quite straightforward, and I don’t think he means any harm.]

“Tong Zi, since when did you become so lazy?”

[I just feel sorry for you, Host. Even if it’s acting, you don’t need to put in so much effort.]

“Alright, I know you care about me, but this act must go on.”

The small compartment was quickly tidied up. Tang Guo walked out, carrying the two buckets of clothes to the balcony, where she indeed found a washing machine.

Clearly, there was a washing machine, yet they insisted she wash the clothes by hand. She dumped all the clothes into the washing machine, turned it on, and let the water and agitation do the work.

She glanced around the entire villa, narrowing her eyes. Cleaning, huh?

She wet the mop but didn’t wring it out, leaving a wet trail all over the place. The villa’s floor was wooden, and the excess water made it reflective, looking as if it had been flooded.

The system watched in stunned silence. It knew the host wouldn’t obediently do the work, but it didn’t expect her to do it like this!

[Host, you might get beaten up later.]

“If I really did it properly, that would ruin the character. The original character was a pampered young lady who didn’t know how to cook, do laundry, or clean.”

System: Is… is that so?

Host, since when did you care about maintaining your character? Haven’t you always deviated from it as you saw fit?

Shao Qing slept for half an hour, then got up to check on the woman.

Who knew that as soon as he stepped onto the stairs, he slipped and rolled all the way down, bumping loudly along the way.

Tang Guo stood at the bottom of the stairs, watching Shao Qing fall right in front of her, practically bowing to her for the New Year.

Shao Qing groaned in pain, feeling someone watching him. He looked up to see a pale face and quickly scrambled to his feet.

That’s when he noticed the floor was soaked!

He looked at the woman holding the dripping mop, fury rising in him. “What are you doing?”

“Mopping the floor,” the woman said weakly.

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