Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 374

Upon hearing these words, Tang Guo professionally lifted her head and stared at Shao Qing, a look of surprise and panic on her face. She glanced at Shao Qing, then turned to Yan Yi, as if seeking his confirmation.

Yan Yi glanced at her indifferently. “Someone I knew before.”

“My former fiancée.”

As if recalling something, Yan Yi added a sentence. He had brought Tang Guo back, but not to pamper her.

The expressions of Shao Qing and the other members changed immediately. The other members, who originally had no particular dislike for Tang Guo, now showed clear signs of displeasure.

They all knew that when their leader awakened his abilities, his fiancée had abandoned him. If it hadn’t been for Yan Nian passing by, their leader might not have survived.

This woman was truly shameless, daring to come here.

“Shao Qing, find her a place to stay.”

“After all, she was once my fiancée. I can’t just let her starve to death here, lest we become a laughingstock.”

Yan Yi’s attitude made Shao Qing understand. “Don’t worry, Boss. I won’t let her starve.”

“By the way, since you want to survive here and haven’t awakened any abilities,” Yan Yi looked at Tang Guo, the corners of his mouth lifting slightly, “we don’t keep idle people in the apocalypse. Shao Qing will arrange for you to do something within your capability.”

“Ah Yi…” Tang Guo’s face was helpless, internally cursing, “You… what do you mean by ‘former fiancée’?”

Yan Yi really couldn’t understand why this woman was such a good actress. Even at this point, she still wanted to put on a show.

He had no patience for this. His mind drifted to another face, his expression softening, but seeing Tang Guo’s pretty face, his expression turned cold again.

He said gloomily, “Being able to take you in is already because of our past friendship. Don’t be ungrateful. After all, it was understandable that you left me back then; everyone is afraid.”

The ridiculous thing was, back then he loved her so much, thinking of providing her a peaceful place in the apocalypse, only to be abandoned.

It was this woman who made him understand the true nature of the apocalypse, what real good and evil were.

They were both women, yet why was there such a big difference between her and Yan Nian?

One abandoned him, the other risked danger to bring him along.

“Ah Yi, you misunderstood. You had a high fever at that time. I really went to the pharmacy to get medicine. To get the medicine, I even…” The words ‘was bitten by a zombie’ came to an abrupt halt. Nowadays, people despise zombies so much that if she exposed herself, she would definitely be kicked out.

Yan Yi sneered, “Enough, Tang Guo. Our relationship ends here. If you want to stay here, follow Shao Qing’s arrangements. At least here, you won’t attract countless men fighting over you because of your face.”

“Of course, if you want a carefree life, I won’t stop you. There are many powerful ability users out there. With your looks, they won’t refuse you.”

Tang Guo took a step back, her face full of despair, not understanding how Yan Yi had become like this.

Yan Yi went upstairs, clearly not wanting to talk to her anymore.

Tang Guo also breathed a sigh of relief. Playing the role of a lovestruck weakling was indeed boring. She still had to act for a while longer to leave a deeper impression on Yan Yi for future purposes.

Hurting someone never involved physical pain, but rather stabbing into the heart. The deeper the stab, the more it hurt. The ultimate goal was to cause excruciating pain, to the point of wanting to tear oneself apart piece by piece.

“This is where you will live.”

Shao Qing pointed to a small compartment in the corner of the stairs. It was originally used for storing some goods, but the compartment was so small that it couldn’t even fit a bed.

Lilly Rant: I know it’s all within Tang Tang’s plans, but I get so frustrated with how self-righteous these “male leads” are. If you love her so much, you’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. It just shows how truly self-absorbed and selfish they are. Reading chapters like these just makes me wanna throw my keyboard. Anyone else gets as pissed off as me?

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  1. Lol I have it better cuz I came from the brain dead translation… um I mean.. computer translation so I know how it goes so I can tolorate.. but if I can recall from my first experience I did imagine strangling a few people here and there… especially…. ehem 😋 you will get it. Anyways Let’s kill em in our minds until guoguo flips their asses

  2. Yes those male leads are infuriating, makes you want to skip directly to the face-slapping xD

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