Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 373

“Ah Yi, I finally found you.”

Tang Guo broke free from the big man’s grip. Seeing that she knew Yan Yi, the man dared not hold her any longer. Watching her back as she ran towards Yan Yi, a trace of regret flashed in his eyes.

Yan Yi’s face remained expressionless as he watched the tearful and pitiful woman running towards him.

How had he never noticed before how good his fiancée was at acting?

He had loved her so much, yet she had left him behind in the villa and walked away on her own.

The woman threw herself into his arms, but he didn’t show any emotion. His heart was completely indifferent.

He had long forgotten his feelings for her, leaving only hatred.

“Ah Yi, are you okay?”

Hearing the woman’s concerned words, Yan Yi let out a cold laugh, pushing her away, his voice eerie, “What, did you think I was dead?”

“Didn’t expect to see me here, did you?”

Disappointed, scared, or relieved?

“Where did you go? I looked for you for so long. That day I left the villa to get medicine for you, but when I came back, you were gone.” The woman’s eyes were brimming with tears, her small face pale with crying, “I thought…”

“Thought I was dead?”

Yan Yi’s lips curled into a cold smile. She was really good at acting. Medicine? She could come up with such a clumsy excuse? At that time, the villa was surrounded by zombies, and she dared to go out to get medicine?

A mouse would have scared this woman pale, how could she have the courage to rush out to get medicine?

“Ah Yi, what’s wrong? I really hoped you were alive. That’s why I held on and found my way here. On the way, I heard that there was a powerful ability user named Yan Yi here, so I came.”

Yan Yi glanced at her, mocking, “If you heard that there was a Yan Yi here without any awakened abilities, bullied every day, would you still come?”

The woman froze for a moment, then quickly said, “Of course, I would.”

No matter how sincere her expression was, Yan Yi would never believe it.

He glanced at the surrounding men, their eyes glinting with malice, his eyes narrowing slightly. He had originally planned to leave her here. But thinking about how good this woman was at acting, as long as she was willing to lower herself to deceive men, she could still live well in this post-apocalyptic world.

She had abandoned him, how could she still live well?

“Come with me.”

Yan Yi turned coldly, no longer showing any of his former tenderness. The woman seemed to sense something, a flicker of panic in her eyes.

“I can already foresee his ending.” Tang Guo appeared anxious on the surface, pitifully following behind Yan Yi with small steps, while discussing with the system, “He’s a despicable man. I’ll try to explain it to him a few more times.”

[Host, I don’t think it’s necessary. He won’t believe you.]

“I think it’s very necessary. I want to leave a deep impression on him, to make sure he remembers how I explained things to him today. When the truth comes out one day, he’ll be in even more pain.”

The system shivered. The host was indeed the host, a ruthless person.

Yan Yi brought Tang Guo to the villa where he lived, which housed members of the Sunshine Squad.

Seeing Yan Yi bringing back a pretty woman, there was a playful look in their eyes. But one man showed malice towards Tang Guo, staring at her for a long time.

“Boss, why are you so kind-hearted, where did you find this thing?” Shao Qing, the man particularly disliking Tang Guo, said, “Boss, you wouldn’t have brought her back just because you wanted a woman, would you? What about Nian Nian? She really likes you.”

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