Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 372

Ordinary people in the common district can’t get food. To obtain food, they must work.

The base provides them with a small room for accommodation, but this small room is only free for half a month. After that, they must pay for accommodation.

The accommodation fee here is in crystal nuclei and food, with crystal nuclei being the most precious.

A very beautiful woman arrived in the common district, and within two days, the whole base knew about it.

After Tang Guo stepped out, many people looked at her with pity in their eyes.

She curled her lips. This is how the apocalypse is. A woman who hasn’t awakened any abilities and is very beautiful can only survive by relying on the strong.

Otherwise, the outcome is very tragic.

Sure enough, as soon as she came out, a burly man blocked her path, looking at her with a lewd gaze, “Follow me.”

“Little beauty, if you follow me, you’ll get plenty of food and won’t be bullied by others.” Perhaps Tang Guo was too beautiful, so the burly man spoke gently.

Tang Guo showed a timid look and said in a low voice, “No, I have a fiancé. I heard that my fiancé is here, and I’m here to find him.”

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She kept squeezing her hands and saw that many people around were watching her. Fear flashed in her eyes, and her pitiful look made the surrounding men itch with desire.

The burly man saw more and more people paying attention and walked over to grab Tang Guo’s wrist, “Come back with me, and I guarantee you’ll be well-fed and clothed.”

Such forced abductions often happened at the base.

Others whispered, and several men who were also interested in Tang Guo considered whether to fight for this woman.

In the apocalypse, not to mention women, even good-looking men had no human rights.

They couldn’t control their fate and had to choose between submission or death when facing powerful ability users.

This phenomenon became more frequent as the apocalypse progressed. Until later, when they realized women were becoming scarce, they began to raise women as special creatures.

They practically became pets. Even though many powerful ability users were women, they couldn’t change this situation.

Because those handsome men without special skills or awakened abilities were just bedwarmers for the strong.

In such a lawless society, many women kept several men. They were the strong ones; why would they want to change the status quo? Unless something happened that touched their interests.

Surrounded by a group of men with predatory eyes, the frail girl in the middle trembled in fear.

This scene made the men even more eager to possess her. At this moment, she heard a voice not far away, “What’s going on over there?”

“I heard a very beautiful woman arrived, and those men took a liking to her.”

Yan Yi’s expression was cold as he simply said, “Hmm,” without intending to interfere.

“Yan Yi!!”

Just as he was about to turn and leave, a familiar voice came from behind, and Yan Yi froze.

He would never forget this voice. It was the voice of his fiancée who abandoned him at the villa.

Suppressing his anger, he turned around with a cold smile and walked towards that direction.

Many people at the base recognized Yan Yi and made way for him. The small woman in the middle was exposed.

Seeing that familiar face, Yan Yi sneered. So that beautiful woman was his good fiancée?

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