Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 371

“I am a woman who will unify the Zombie Empire. Why should I go with you?”

These were Tang Guo’s words to Shi Cheng, leaving him dumbfounded. What did this woman just say? She wanted to unify the Zombie Empire?

“This queen will have plenty of men in the future. Once the Zombie Empire is established, I will hold a competition to select my consort, and I can choose from all kinds of men. Why should I wait for you to like me?”

After saying this, Tang Guo left Shi Cheng standing there.


When Shi Cheng’s subordinates found him, he was staring blankly at the spot where the woman had sat. She seemed a bit different from his memory.

“Boss, it looks like all the supplies here have been taken.”

The subordinate noticed that Shi Cheng’s expression didn’t look very good and suggested, “How about we go check out another place?”

“Alright.” Shi Cheng nodded, clenching his fists, his eyes deepening. “Develop the Sunset Base as quickly as possible.”

Since that woman refused to come with him, he would first build his power. There was still time. When Yan Yi handed her over in the future, he would take her with him.

Thinking this way, a smile appeared on Shi Cheng’s face. There was no need to persuade her to come over now. Once Yan Yi hurt her, she wouldn’t think about Yan Yi anymore.

Feeling much more at ease, Shi Cheng seemed to have found his goal since being reborn.

His subordinates didn’t quite understand why their boss, who had looked so gloomy just moments ago, suddenly became so positive about developing their power.

Anyway, it was a good thing.

Tang Guo was walking towards Base No. 7, with a fourth-level zombie by her side.

She planned to feed this zombie until it reached the fifth level before entering Base No. 7. A fifth-level zombie would have a human’s consciousness, though its appearance wouldn’t be completely normal.

However, this zombie was relatively clean. With a change of clothes, it wouldn’t be noticeable in most cases.

Of course, bringing it into the base would be impossible.

As for herself, she had no problem entering the base.

Wu Chu was a seventh-level zombie. Reaching the seventh level would restore normal consciousness and appearance.

To create a Wu Chu, she had used up almost all her high-level crystal nuclei. She couldn’t afford to upgrade this zombie to the seventh level.

“Meng Zheng, once I enter the base, you can’t follow me. I suggest you find Wu Chu and work with him.”

Meng Zheng, the zombie that had upgraded to the fifth level, shook his head. Since he regained his consciousness, he had remembered this woman.

Instinctively, he called her “Queen,” though he didn’t understand why.

As a zombie, he would live only for his queen, with only respect and loyalty in his heart, never daring to desecrate her.

Tang Guo also noticed that all zombies who regained their consciousness were loyal to her. She had never taught them the term “Queen,” yet they called her that upon waking.

Perhaps she understood a bit why this body was a regenerative one, born as the Zombie Queen, able to command all zombies.

This realization made her very happy.

“Then wait outside the base, gather the obedient zombies, and ignore the disobedient ones.”

She wasn’t so kind-hearted as to help those people clear the zombies and let them live a peaceful life.

Without experiencing the harshness of the apocalypse, how could they understand that the future Zombie Empire would be a pure land?

With that, Tang Guo left Meng Zheng outside Base No. 7 and passed through several layers of checks to enter the base.

She registered as an ordinary person and was assigned to the ordinary district.

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