Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 370

Seeing the two of them being beaten half to death, Yan Nian finally couldn’t hold back. She had always been afraid to expose her space, fearing it would attract covetous people.

Now that Yan Yi was almost unable to hold on, she decided to take out the spiritual spring water to pour on the zombie. She had tried it before; pouring spiritual spring water on a zombie would injure it.

Just as she thought about it, the zombie’s eyes moved and it quickly leaped away.

Yan Nian stared dumbfounded at the disappearing zombie, feeling extremely frustrated.

She had never seen such a zombie before—beat her up and then leave. It was truly hateful.

The reason the zombie left was because it had just heard Tang Guo say, “Come back.”

Without any hesitation, it flashed back to Tang Guo’s side.

When Shi Cheng saw the zombie suddenly appear, he was still a bit wary. The zombie also watched him warily. Tang Guo waved her hand, and the zombie obediently stood by her side, showing a flattering expression.

Shi Cheng was somewhat surprised. Was she really that powerful?

Even though he knew her identity, seeing her use these abilities firsthand still shocked him.

Such a powerful woman, he couldn’t understand why she would choose to destroy herself in the end.

He had no doubt about Tang Guo’s peculiarity. If Tang Guo had also been reborn, it would be impossible for her to command a zombie just to beat Yan Yi; she might have directly killed Yan Nian.

Later, when Tang Guo was so miserable, he thought it was because she couldn’t figure it out.

He didn’t understand the feelings between men and women very well; it should be something quite complicated.

Tang Guo eagerly watched as Yan Nian helped Yan Yi up, “Brother Yan, are you alright?”

“I’m fine… that zombie was very strange.” Yan Yi frowned deeply, “Its purpose seemed to be just to come up and beat us up.”

The two couldn’t figure it out and finally helped each other leave.

The zombies outside had long been dispersed by Tang Guo’s mental command.

She happily shared with the system, “I realize that establishing a zombie empire is a very wise decision. Just think, countless humans will survive under our zombies’ protection in the future; it feels so thrilling.”

System: [As long as the host is happy.]

Tang Guo had already gotten used to this increasingly flattering system.

“Are you really not coming with me?”

Shi Cheng was not willing to give up. He didn’t want this woman to have a tragic ending. This life was a rebirth for him; he had established the Sunset Base early on, and now it had developed into something very powerful.

As for why he happened to be here, he had also come for the food factory and didn’t expect to meet Tang Guo here.

“No.” Tang Guo shook her head, “I still have things to do.”

Going to find Yan Yi?

Shi Cheng had an expression that said ‘you are stubborn’, and Tang Guo found this man particularly interesting.

“You rushed up and said you wanted to protect me, wanted me to go with you. Is it because you were captivated by my beauty and fell in love with me?”

Shi Cheng was taken aback for a moment, then frowned, “No, don’t overthink it.”

“You weren’t captivated by my beauty?”

Shi Cheng: “…”

“If you weren’t captivated by my beauty, then I won’t go with you.” Tang Guo stood up, “You have no intentions towards me, and you don’t like me. Why should I go with you?”

Shi Cheng: “…” Why didn’t he realize in the previous life that she was such an unreasonable woman?

She was indeed very beautiful, even more beautiful than when he saw her in the last life. For this, he blamed Yan Yi. Yes, it was Yan Yi who made her not as beautiful.

“If you come with me, I can try to like you.” Shi Cheng held back for a long time before saying something against his conscience.

Lilly: I decided to release some extra chapters today due to my weird OCD. I hate ending this series on anything that isn’t a 5 or 0 and I felt it unfair to just release 4 chapters. So…Enjoy!!!

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