Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 369

“Boom boom boom——”

“Brother Yan, are you alright?”

Yan Nian quickly rolled to the other side. The zombie leaped high and slapped her away. She hit the wall hard and let out a scream.

Yan Yi was also knocked down by the zombie on the other side. At this moment, both of them were in a sorry state, covered in bruises.

Seeing the zombie heading towards Yan Nian, Yan Yi couldn’t hold back any longer and exposed his third-level ability. He quickly charged at the zombie.

He thought it would be easy to deal with a third-level zombie.


A fierce light flashed in the zombie’s eyes. It ran quickly and kicked Yan Yi in the chest with a heavy blow. Yan Yi spat out blood and flew out, crashing heavily to the ground with a loud bang.

Tang Guo was munching on melon seeds and commented, “That move was clean and decisive, not bad.”

The zombie didn’t forget Tang Guo’s words and aimed to beat up this woman. It walked up to Yan Nian, lifted her by her collar with its bloody claws, and slapped her face several times.

In no time, Yan Nian’s face was swollen beyond recognition, losing all its original beauty.

“Yan… Brother Yan.”

Yan Nian didn’t understand why this zombie liked to hit her face.

She hadn’t been cultivating for long, and besides spiritual springs, land, and cultivation techniques in her space, she had nothing else.

This zombie’s strength was beyond what she could handle, leaving her completely powerless.

Yan Yi struggled to get up from the ground. Seeing Yan Nian’s swollen face, he got angry and charged at the zombie again.

The zombie threw Yan Nian aside and started beating Yan Yi. The fierce light in its eyes turned into excitement. It felt the pleasure of being a king and hit Yan Yi even harder.

“So, zombies are actually quite adorable creatures,” Tang Guo smiled, feeling very pleased.

At this moment, she felt a gaze. She looked in the direction of the gaze and saw a man standing there. The man’s features were deep and handsome, giving off a cold aura.

But she could tell that there was no malice in his eyes.

She cracked a melon seed, showing no intention of getting up. She glanced at the still-beaten Yan Yi and asked, “Who are you?”

The man walked towards her, his gaze openly scrutinizing her. “Shi Cheng.”

“Don’t know you,” Tang Guo squinted slightly. Why was Shi Cheng here?

[Host, Shi Cheng’s soul is unusual. I can’t detect why, but I can feel that he has no malice towards you.]

Tang Guo raised an eyebrow, not caring much. She continued to watch Yan Yi and Yan Nian being beaten by the zombie with great interest.

Shi Cheng stood beside her silently, also watching the two getting beaten.

“Do you want to come with me?” Shi Cheng asked after a long while.

Tang Guo found it odd and amusing, “Why should I go with you?”

Shi Cheng was silent. After thinking for a while, he said, “You need a place to survive. I can protect you, so you won’t be bullied in this apocalypse.”

His words amused Tang Guo even more. What did he mean?


Shi Cheng remained silent. He couldn’t possibly say, if you continue to get involved with Yan Yi, you might end up getting shot in the head by him.

Yes, he was reborn.

In his previous life, he had conquered half of the world but always regretted not stopping Yan Yi from ruthlessly killing Tang Guo at the last moment.

If he had taken Tang Guo away from the start, that tragic ending wouldn’t have happened.

He didn’t understand why his usually cold heart felt sorrow when he saw that woman smiling as she died.

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