Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 368

The zombie’s eyes gleamed with a fierce light as it stared at Yan Nian and Yan Yi. Both of them felt a chill down their spines, as if being watched by something terrifying.

“Brother Yan, be careful.”

Yan Nian said worriedly. The zombie world was indeed terrifying. If she hadn’t obtained the Lingquan jade pendant and cultivated the techniques within it, her fate wouldn’t have been any better than the original owner’s. She tugged at Yan Yi’s sleeve. “I have a bad feeling about this place. Let’s leave together.”

Yan Yi nodded, looking at Yan Nian’s worried face. He couldn’t help but hold her hand. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

Yan Nian’s face flushed with embarrassment, and she tried to pull away. “Brother Yan, don’t do this. If Tang Guo sees, she won’t be happy. After all, you two are still engaged.”

“Don’t mention her. Whether we see her again or not, our relationship ended when she left.”

Yan Nian didn’t respond, her gaze wandering. She couldn’t help but wonder if Tang Guo was alive or dead, considering the pharmacy had over twenty zombies.

Tang Guo hadn’t awakened any powers yet, so her chances didn’t look good.

No matter what, Yan Nian’s fate had changed. She could survive now.

Yan Yi was an excellent man; perhaps she could consider him.

Tang Guo sat in the shadows, listening to their conversation with a smirk on her face. She was particularly displeased.

The Sunshine Squad had finally fought their way into the food factory. Their expressions twisted when they saw countless bags of spicy strips.

Yan Yi frowned. “All spicy strips?”

“Yes, Captain, it’s all spicy strips. We’ve searched everywhere, and there’s nothing else,” one of the team members replied.

“I even tasted one. It’s dry and spicy,” another member added.

Yan Yi’s face darkened. They had fought their way in for two hours, only to find a bunch of spicy strips!

“Is this a factory that only produces spicy strips?” Yan Nian asked, puzzled. How could such a large food factory only produce spicy strips?

Yan Yi speculated, “Maybe someone came before us and took all the other food, leaving only these spicy strips.”

Spicy strips are quite appetizing, but in the apocalypse, they lack nutrition, don’t fill you up, and actually increase your appetite. For those facing a food shortage, they’re not a good option.

“Nian Nian, put the spicy strips in your space. We can sell them to others when we get back to the base.” Yan Nian’s revealed abilities were strength and spatial manipulation.

In truth, she was practicing cultivation techniques and hadn’t awakened any powers. The space was actually the space within her jade pendant.

Just as everyone was collecting the spicy strips, a loud explosion sounded, and a zombie burst in crazily.

“A level three zombie!”

The zombie had the intelligence of an eight-year-old child. Hearing them call it a level three zombie, its eyes flashed. It remembered the queen’s words: only show level three power on the surface.

Soon, someone on the other side would reveal their level three abilities, and then it would beat them up, pretending to be unable to win and then escape.

Though it didn’t understand why its queen wanted it to do this, the queen’s words were law.

The zombie leaped into the crowd, grabbing a member of the Sunshine Squad in each hand and casually throwing them outside.

He didn’t understand why the queen didn’t want it to kill these people. Without questioning it further, it focused on beating up the two particularly annoying-looking individuals.

Tang Guo moved a chair to the shadows, watching as the zombie threw everyone in the Sunshine Squad except Yan Yi and Yan Nian outside.

Then she communicated with the scattered zombies outside, instructing them to surround the food factory, making it impossible for anyone outside to come in.

She glanced deeply at Yan Yi and Yan Nian, mouthing the words: “The game has officially begun!”

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