Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 367

“Do you understand what I’ve instructed you?”

Wu Chu, who had regained his consciousness, nodded. He remembered his past, but it didn’t matter. The only thing he wanted was to serve the woman in front of him—his queen.

“Understood, I will definitely complete the task.” He would build a zombie empire that would satisfy his queen. She deserved to stand at the top of this world.

Tang Guo took out a storage ring and threw it to him. “Inside are the initial crystal nuclei I’m giving you. They are all under your command. From now on, obedient zombies can be absorbed into your group, but those who disobey should be eliminated, and their crystal nuclei extracted.”

“Any new members in the group are not allowed to attack humans without reason, and they are forbidden from eating internal organs.”

“If any humans are looking for death, there’s no need to be polite, just blow up their dog’s head directly.”

Tang Guo smiled. As a zombie herself, there was no way she would harm the interests of the zombie race.

But in order to live peacefully with humans in the future, she does not intend to kill the innocent indiscriminately.

She also doesn’t want to turn this world into zombies, it would be meaningless.

After giving Wu Chu his instructions, Tang Guo set off.

A month had passed by now. According to the original trajectory, Yan Yi had become a very outstanding ability user.

Because of his interactions with Yan Nian, he gradually developed feelings for her.

Currently, they were in a small base, performing zombie-killing tasks every day.

Their base, Base No. 7, was an official base established by a city. A month into the zombie outbreak, many people had not yet realized the competition for survival and were still engulfed in fear.

Having a base to protect and govern them was something many desired, even if the ability users’ ambitions weren’t so grand at this time.

Tang Guo reviewed the plot and decided on where she would appear.

A food factory occupied by zombies. This was when Yan Yi and Yan Nian confirmed their romantic relationship.

There was a level three zombie here and most ability users were only level two at this time. After experiencing life and death together, they realized how important they were to each other and got together.

Tang Guo arrived earlier than Yan Yi’s Sunshine Squad. The level three zombie at the food factory has already been tamed by her and is currently very obedient.

Swaying his body, he helped her cook instant noodles.

Tang Guo ate her noodles and threw many crystal nuclei to the zombie. “Eat them and quickly upgrade. In a few days, two people will come to fight you, so you need to be strong enough to defeat them.”

The zombie’s dull eyes moved slightly, and it stuffed the crystal core into its mouth. It seemed to naturally understand the concept of being beaten up.

Eyes flashing with ferocity, they devoured the crystal cores even more eagerly.

Within a few days, the originally level three zombie had upgraded to level four.

Although it still looked somewhat pathetic on the outside, its agility and strength had significantly increased.

For instance, it was now much faster at cooking noodles for Tang Guo. After eating, she found a clean spot to lay down on a mattress and happily chatted with people in her group.

She was especially pleased.

Most of the food in the factory had been taken by her.

She did leave some for Yan Yi and his team, though. Specifically, she left them all the spicy sticks and took none for herself.

System: Host, you’re still quite bad.

Three days passed, and the system alerted her that Yan Yi’s Sunshine Squad had arrived.

Tang Guo hadn’t tamed the zombies outside, so the Sunshine Squad would have to kill the zombies to get inside and retrieve the food.

“Do you see those two people up ahead? Find an opportunity to go down and attack them later.”

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