Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 366

Tang Guo explained the situation of her current body, essentially asking if there was a way for all zombies to retain their human state.

[Emmanuel]: As expected, the School Flower’s idea is different from ordinary people’s. I just looked through our interstellar records, and it seems zombies can evolve to the state you mentioned. We haven’t researched that kind of potion in our interstellar studies. According to interstellar history, the zombies on our side were the last to be exterminated.

“So, you mean as long as their level increases, they can regain their intelligence?”

“Yes, interstellar history records this. It is said that there were zombies who fully regained their intelligence. They looked almost like normal people, and the virus’s effects actually benefited them, making their bodies and strength superior to humans.”

“It also mentions that one such zombie, who regained its intelligence, was never eliminated and lived a normal life in hiding.”

For some reason, Emmanuel compared this zombie to the School Flower, thinking the zombie had no ambition and was a coward.

Tang Guo continued to ask, “What do they need to level up? They don’t have the consciousness to actively absorb energy.”

Emmanuel continued to flip through the interstellar history. After a long time, he excitedly said, “They can level up by eating crystal nuclei. According to the School Flower, zombies have just broken out, so there shouldn’t be any level-two zombies yet, which means there are no crystal nuclei.”

Tang Guo paused for a moment and said, “I have a lot.”

This wasn’t her first time in the apocalypse. However, unlike this time, she used to be muddleheaded, coming to the apocalypse to play the role of an excellent cannon fodder female supporting character.

The supporting character’s status wasn’t low, so she had many crystal nuclei, all stored as waste in the system space.

After Tang Guo left the group, the members began to discuss.

[Ziyun Zhenren]: I wonder when the School Flower can come to my dimension. I really want to meet her.

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: I agree.

[Demon Sect Master]: I agree.

[Margaret]: If the School Flower is willing to come to the magic world, I will definitely prepare the best gifts to welcome her.

[Harold]: Me too.

[Allen]: I can personally forge a holy sword for the School Flower.

[Emmanuel]: The School Flower should come to our interstellar world. She can enjoy high technology that other dimensions can’t offer.

Facing the twenty-odd zombies sitting in rows in front of her, Tang Guo took out various colored crystal nuclei from the system space.

Different colors represented different attributes.

“Pick the ones you like to eat.”

She initially had a hypothesis and observed that each zombie chose a single color, except for one who picked two different colors.

She could confirm that this zombie, who chose two different colors of crystal nuclei, had dual attributes.

Crunch, crunch… The room was filled with the sound of zombies biting the crystal nuclei. Compared to watching them gnaw on internal organs, Tang Guo found this scene much more pleasing.

She gave special attention to the dual-attribute zombie.

Based on her observations, this zombie had outstanding abilities in all aspects and could become a great general under her command to help achieve her goal of zombie domination.

Therefore, she generously gave him high-level crystal nuclei to consume.

Finally, a month later, a light burst from the surface of this zombie’s body. His originally tattered skin became rosy and he looked almost human. His eyes regained their luster.

The moment he regained his intelligence, he approached Tang Guo, knelt on one knee, and reverently called her, “Queen.”

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