Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 365

During the following time, Tang Guo did not leave the pharmacy but instead began studying the twenty-odd zombies in front of her.

They were very obedient, behaving like young children despite their different appearance from humans.

Tang Guo instructed them not to eat raw meat, human flesh, or bite people randomly, and they actually complied.

She believed that these twenty-some zombies could serve as her trusted subordinates.

She couldn’t hide and develop a zombie army; she still needed to visit Yan Yi. Without going, how could she provoke conflicts? She was also curious whether Yan Yi would trust Yan Nian or her this time.

This was considered a second chance, and she liked giving people another chance.

If they didn’t cherish it, she wouldn’t hesitate to act ruthlessly.

“Is the group still there?”

Tang Guo suddenly asked. In the previous world, she hadn’t interacted much with the dimensional group, but she knew it hadn’t disappeared.

System: [Yes, it’s still there. Except for Ji Xiaosi who disappeared, everyone else is still around. They’re not ordinary people; they live long lives, even those in the interstellar dimension can live for thousands of years.]

[When you weren’t around, I managed your account. They all know you’ve been busy.]

Tang Guo glanced at the group. The members seemed to be discussing something, so she sent a message.

“How have you all been recently?”

[Ziyun Zhenren]: School Flower? You’re here??

[Chixiao Zhenjun]: Wow, School Flower, you haven’t shown up in years, and now you’re finally here. I missed you so much.

Everyone in the group popped up, expressing how much they missed her after so many years.

After sending them food red packets, Tang Guo spoke up, “I went to another dimension. I didn’t stay long in the last one. Now, I’ve just entered a new one and encountered some trouble. I need your help.”

[Yinhuan Sanren]: Another dimension? School Flower, so you really can travel freely between dimensions.

The group was stunned. They thought the School Flower was bragging, but it turned out to be true.

As for the reasons, they didn’t ask much. Everyone had their little secrets.

Margaret was very enthusiastic, “I wonder where the School Flower is now. Is there anything we can help with?”

Having eaten so much of her food, they felt particularly indebted. It was rare for the School Flower to ask for help.

They had worried that she might be in danger after not appearing for over a decade.

Tang Guo said, “This question probably needs the interstellar dimension’s Emmanuel and General Billy. I’m in a newly-apocalyptic world with a zombie outbreak. If I’m not mistaken, the interstellar dimension should have experienced apocalypses and be familiar with the zombie virus.”

[Emmanuel]: Wow, a world with a long-standing zombie apocalypse? School Flower, do you need an agent to kill zombies? I can ask someone to develop one.

[School Flower]: What effect does this agent have on zombies?

Emmanuel, though puzzled, replied, “This is an agent to kill zombies. It clears the virus in zombies, leading to their destruction.”

“No, I don’t need that.” Tang Guo immediately refused and added, “I’m currently in a zombie’s body.”

Group members: ……

The group fell silent for a long time before Emmanuel finally asked, “So, School Flower, what do you need?”

“I plan to rule this planet as a zombie, at least dominate a region, but I can’t stand them biting people and eating organs; it’s disgusting.”

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