Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 364


Tang Guo’s fist smashed into the solid iron door, creating a hole where even tools might have failed to make a dent.

Seeing the dark hole, she laughed, “Quite powerful.”

The system swallowed hard. It was indeed powerful; no zombie was known to punch a hole in an iron door.

Tang Guo carefully examined her body. Aside from her appearance, her bodily functions were different from those of ordinary people, and she had something like a crystal core in her brain.

The energy in the crystal core was something she could manipulate.

She is also able to use her own methods to absorb external energy, thereby increasing her own strength.

In other words, as long as she kept progressing, no one would be her match.

Not only could she defeat Yan Yi, but she could also defeat everyone. Her body was regenerative; as long as she didn’t court death, she was completely invincible.

Tang Guo pushed open the door and walked out, filled with satisfaction. The staggering zombies saw her and hurriedly backed away, despite having no intelligence, as if they were extremely afraid.

An idea struck her, and she tried to communicate with the zombies. As soon as she sent out her thoughts, the surrounding zombies rushed to her.

Like obedient dogs, their broken faces even showed a flattering expression.

Some zombies even offered the food they had scavenged, as if they were honoring her.

Tang Guo glanced at the dirty hands holding various organs and said disdainfully, “You eat it yourselves.”

Faced with Tang Guo’s rejection, they looked disappointed and left dejectedly. After a while, they returned to Tang Guo.

This time, they offered various golden necklaces and bracelets, staring at the bracelet on Tang Guo’s wrist as if asking, “Do you like these?”

Tang Guo was speechless. Since when were zombies so flattering?

[“Host, that’s because you communicated with them through your thoughts. They must have gained some intelligence from your influence. To them, you are everything, and they naturally want to make you happy.”]

The system felt like it had found kindred spirits.

Tang Guo accepted the various jewelry they collected. The zombies were so happy that they shook even more vigorously. One zombie doing this was one thing, but the sight of over twenty zombies shaking together was something else entirely.

“It’s like everyone is collectively going crazy!”

Looking at them, Tang Guo had a bold idea.

“Why should zombies be exterminated?”

“Exterminating zombies means exterminating me too, right?”

“According to the original lifespan of the book’s protagonist, it should be quite long, right?”

[“Yes, according to the original trajectory, the protagonist, as an ability user, could live for over three hundred years.”]

Tang Guo narrowed her eyes, “But now, all of humanity wants to eliminate me.”

“Why don’t I establish a zombie empire, occupying a part of the earth? Humans can also live in my zombie empire. Zombies are originally transformed from humans, and this wasn’t their intention. It’s just a natural disaster.”

“Why can’t we zombies live in this world? Why can’t we rule a piece of land that originally belonged to us?”

System: The host adapts very quickly, already considering the zombie race’s welfare.

However, a zombie empire does sound intriguing.

“What do you think, Tong Zi?”

[Raise both hands in support.]

“Huh, he seems to have no hands…”

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