Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 363

In order to protect the base, Yan Yi handed the original host over to the Sunset Base, identifying her as Yan Nian.

The original host was taken away in despair, facing cold dissection.

Her body was unique; despite being cut countless times, it always regenerated, so no one doubted she was Yan Nian.

After more than a year of research, no issues were found.

The head of the Sunset Base, Shi Cheng, appeared and asked her directly what her secret was.

The original host only said, “My name is Tang Guo, not Yan Nian. I was Yan Yi’s fiancée.”

Shi Cheng was silent for a long time before finally asking, “Then why can you regenerate?”

“I’m a zombie,” she said, her eyes devoid of light, as if she had lost the will to live. “I don’t know either.”

“You can go.”

Shi Cheng released her. She did not return to the Sunshine Base but instead hid among the zombies.

Once, Yan Yi was surrounded by a horde of zombies and was about to be devoured by a mutant zombie. Unable to bear it, she saved him.

After placing him in a safe place, she returned to the zombie horde, spending her days among them. Years later, Yan Yi, leading a united team armed with weapons to kill zombies, reached the last hill of the zombies, pointed a gun at her head, and was about to blow her brains out.

At this moment, Shi Cheng persuaded, “She’s not bad. She saved you and was once your fiancée.”

“Just a betrayer,” Yan Yi said. Shi Cheng couldn’t stop him in time, and she was shot in the head.

In fact, she had the chance to escape but chose not to.

She didn’t know the length of her life. Having lost hope, she didn’t know why she should live.

Without a goal to live for, why not just end it here?

As for Yan Nian, she lived happily with Yan Yi, welcoming a new dawn. Yan Yi and Shi Cheng divided the world in two, each ruling one part.

After Tang Guo finished reading the memories, she felt awful.

She rubbed her temples. “Another troublesome world.”

The current time is, she turned into a zombie at the pharmacy and is planning to take the medicine back to find Yan Yi. She glanced at a bag in the corner, which was full of medicine.

“The original owner was really foolish.” She let out a cold laugh, “Such a disobedient wretch, just needs a little abuse to set them straight. If they’re dead, there’s nothing left, but the living can still live grandly. Stupid!”

“Since you’re considered a bad person, why not be bad to the end?” Tang Guo narrowed her eyes. “With the power of this body now, crushing Yan Yi is just too easy.”

The system hurriedly reminded her: [Host, if you crush Yan Yi, there’ll be no more fun. We’ll move straight to the next world.]

The main characters cannot die in the plot unless their storyline is finished.

“I didn’t intend to crush Yan Yi directly,” Tang Guo took out a tissue and wiped away the dirty spots on her body, her voice melancholy, “It’s just a sigh. With such great strength, anything could be changed, yet she chooses to give up on himself. This self-destructive nature, I wonder what kind of education the original owner received.”

The system breathed a sigh of relief, thinking the host was just complaining.

[Right, host, what should we do now?]

“I want to take a hot shower first.”

Tang Guo wrinkled her nose in disgust. Although her face was still clean, her body was filthy, covered not only in blood but also in zombie fluids, and the smell was nauseating.

[Shall I run the water for you?] The system quickly offered, knowing that keeping the host happy was most important.

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