Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 357

Bai Wenwen thought she would reach the pinnacle of her life, flirting with handsome men in every world, gaining the affection of countless people.

Anyway, she had a system, so she feared nothing.

As long as she completed her tasks, she could obtain various skill cards.

No way, with the skill card, no one can compare to her.

She never thought that 875 would disappear.

Looking back, she realized she had traveled through so many worlds, flirting with handsome men and winning over all kinds of men in each world.

But she had not mastered any survival skills.

Those skill cards she used were gone when 875 disappeared.

Her beautiful dream was shattered. She, who was always on top, couldn’t accept such a huge fall.

She had no skills now. If she went out, what if her fans asked her to play the piano? She couldn’t.

What if her fans asked her to paint? She couldn’t.

The owner of this body has studied abroad and her friends communicate with her in English. What should she do? She couldn’t.

She couldn’t do anything.

So she was waiting, waiting for death. Maybe when she died, a new system would appear. It had appeared once; it wasn’t impossible for it to happen again.

She thought about suicide, but she was very afraid of it.

She remembered the pain of being hit by a car and the feeling of her body being crushed at the moment of death. She didn’t want to experience that again.

In the worlds she traveled through, every departure was facilitated by the system, making it a painless exit each time.

She didn’t want to do anything now. As long as Su He was around, she didn’t spend much. She just needed to order takeout and a few clothes to wear. She didn’t care what Su He wanted to do.

Her main activity was to eat and wait for death.

Hearing Su He’s departing footsteps, Bai Wenwen drifted into a dream. In the dream, she died and got a new system, traveling through various small worlds, conquering different men, and enjoying their admiring gazes.

“Ah Nie, why aren’t you filming anymore?” Tang Guo half-lay on the sofa, her fair feet swinging.

Qiao Nie walked over, held her feet, and casually grabbed a blanket, wrapping her feet in it and placing them on his lap.

“It’s autumn now. Why do you always leave your feet exposed? Aren’t you afraid of getting sick?”

Tang Guo smiled lightly, “I’m very healthy.”

“Guo Guo, do you like me a bit more today?”

Facing this man’s sincere and serious gaze, Tang Guo chuckled, “Ah Nie, you’re so persistent.”

“Am I?”

Tang Guo put away her smile and beckoned him, “Come here and I’ll tell you.”

Qiao Nie sat beside her, holding her whole body in his arms. Holding her soft, warm body, he felt an unusual satisfaction. It seemed he didn’t need to ask that question anymore. She was in his arms, and those questions no longer mattered.

“Ah Nie, you really are a lovely person.”

“Although you made mistakes, you know how to correct them, and that’s very endearing.”

Qiao Nie’s eyes lit up. Tang Guo raised her hand and pinched his cheek, whispering, “Ah Nie, you’ve successfully caught my attention. Given your good behavior, I like you a bit now.”

Qiao Nie’s lips curled into a smile. Actually, he had long stopped caring about these things.

He could hold her every day, so why bother saying these things?

She lived in his villa, everything he did was for her, she was practically spoiled rotten by him.

If she really doesn’t want him, she probably wouldn’t even be used to it herself.

Qiao Nie didn’t plan to express these little thoughts.

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