Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 356

She… doesn’t want to act anymore?

Su He stared at his phone in a daze, feeling something indescribable.

“Movie Emperor Su, what’s wrong?”

Su He quickly put down his phone and said, “Nothing, let’s continue.”

These past years, it seemed they hadn’t had any contact.

She seemed to have forgotten the past, erasing him from her life.

He harbored thoughts of revenge from the beginning, but after marrying Bai Wenwen, those dreams of a beautiful love were shattered.

The current Bai Wenwen was no longer the person he once loved.

He was actually very conflicted; between Bai Wenwen and Tang Guo, who did he really like?

He didn’t know, so he devoted himself to his acting career. He didn’t even have the heart to seek revenge on Qiao Nie anymore.

The look at the wedding had been nine years ago, and he still couldn’t forget it.

He had never gotten an answer from her as to why she betrayed him for Qiao Nie.

Perhaps reaching middle age had made him more cautious, and he no longer had the courage to do many things.

When Su He finished his day’s work and picked up his phone to check again, he was attracted by several trending topics.

#Not Acting Anymore#

#Don’t Want to Act, A Bit Busy#

He had a premonition about who these trending topics were about. When he clicked on them, he indeed saw Qiao Nie’s Weibo.

Qiao Nie had posted: “Starting today, I’m not acting anymore.”

In response to fans’ questions, he posted again, just like Tang Guo: “Don’t want to act, a bit busy.”

Su He smiled bitterly. These two were truly alike. If they didn’t want to act, they simply wouldn’t, one citing fatigue, the other busyness.

Perhaps, they were truly a match.

He turned off his phone with mixed feelings and returned to his cold villa.

There wasn’t the imagined gentle wife coming up to ask, “Are you tired today? Hungry? Want something to eat?”

He tiredly went upstairs, pushed open the room door, and sure enough, saw a curled-up figure on the bed.

Seemingly hearing his movements, the figure propped up and glanced at him indifferently before wrapping herself back in the quilt, hiding her already deformed, bloated body.

It had been over nine years since their wedding, and Bai Wenwen had been in a constant state of decline. She ate and drank in the villa, never stepping outside.

When hungry, she ordered takeout, leaving the empty boxes at the door.

When out of money, she asked him for more.

From the beginning, he felt guilty, and now he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Fortunately, this woman only asks for money to order takeout and occasionally buys some clothes online.

No going out, no socializing, no talking, her once beautiful eyes had become dull.

He had tried to get Bai Wenwen to go out, but she was terrified and unwilling. No matter how many doctors he consulted, it was useless.

Psychologists said this condition seemed to be social anxiety, a reluctance to expose herself to people.

To treat it, they needed to find the root cause.

He couldn’t understand how the once confident Bai Wenwen had ended up like this.

He had asked Bai Wenwen, and she, perhaps out of impatience, just said she wouldn’t go out. She even said if he was lonely and wanted to find a woman, she didn’t mind.

She just wanted to be left alone in the room, with some money for takeout each month.

He couldn’t understand Bai Wenwen. Initially, he had hope, but now, he had resigned himself to the situation.

Every day, he would come up to take a look, afraid that one day she would die and he wouldn’t even know until she started to smell.

Thinking about this reason was indeed laughable.

Bai Wenwen closed her eyes, hoping this life would pass quickly. She had once been a high school student who knew nothing, then she got hit by a car and acquired a system called 875.

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