Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 355

Title: “You and Me”

Female Lead: Tang Guo

Male Lead: Qiao Nie

Director: Qiao Nie

Producer: Qiao Nie

Screenwriters: Qiao Nie, Tang Guo


The opening credits made some people tear up.

This film was shot with great attention to detail, and the audience watched it just as attentively, in complete silence throughout.

There was no emotional abuse in the film, a departure from Qiao Nie’s usual rigorous style that always left viewers with countless insights.

This was just a feel-good movie. Fans expressed their feelings after watching it, saying, “I think this movie should be called ‘Let Me Show You How I Pamper My Wife’.”

“It could also be called ‘My Daily Life with My Beloved Wife’.”

“Or ‘The Daily Display of Affection by the Tang-Qiao Couple’.”

“I think it should be called ‘Drowning in Qiao Nie’s Dog Food’.”

“Sigh, it’s exhausting. This ‘Diary of Qiao Nie Pampering Tang Tang’ really made my teeth ache a bit.”

Although they felt a bit sour, they couldn’t help but feel warm inside while watching. Those with boyfriends hoped their boyfriends would learn from Qiao Nie.

Those without boyfriends hoped to find someone like Qiao Nie.

The film ends with Qiao Nie successfully winning Tang Guo’s affection, and the two get married, living happily ever after.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe that this was directed by Qiao Nie.

No one expected that Qiao Nie would make a romance film, and one so touching at that.

Later, the poster was also released, a wedding photo of Qiao Nie and Tang Guo. If they didn’t know better, they would have thought it was a real wedding photo.

In reality, it was just a shot taken on set in wedding attire, not an actual wedding photo.

This movie hides a mystery: every morning, Qiao Nie goes to Tang Guo’s room and asks, “Do you like me a little more today?”

“No, you have to work harder, Ah Nie,” was Tang Guo’s response several times in the film.

Qiao Nie would always smile, pull her into his arms, and say, “Alright, I’ll ask again tomorrow.”

His persistent and focused gaze, though simple, couldn’t help but make people tear up.

Until the very end of the film, on a beautiful morning, Qiao Nie knocks on the door, “Guo Guo, do you like me a little more today?”

After a long wait, the door opens, revealing someone in a wedding dress. She smiles and hugs him, “Yes.”

The man on camera has red eyes and holds her tightly, whispering, “That’s great.”

The whole film is full of sweetness, yet the audience still has one question: why does Qiao Nie ask this every day, as if he had done something wrong?

Online discussions are abuzz with this question, but neither Qiao Nie nor Tang Guo has provided an answer, leaving everyone anxious.

They believe the story is not that simple and carefully analyze it frame by frame, trying to find clues. After multiple viewings, they start to understand the deeper meaning hidden beneath the seemingly ordinary and warm love.

The tolerance and dedication between the two.

But in the end, they still don’t discover what the mystery is.

Fortunately, later on, Tang Guo finally won the Best Actress award, which gave them some satisfaction.

That year, Tang Guo was thirty-two. She moved her fingers and posted on Weibo, “From today on, I will no longer act.”

This Weibo post caused an uproar.

Facing the fans’ questions, she posted another Weibo, “I don’t want to act anymore, it’s quite tiring.”

Fans: “…”

National audience: “…”

Su He had just finished filming a scene and habitually took out his phone to check Weibo, suddenly seeing those trending posts.

#Tang Guo Announces Retirement#

#No More Acting#

#Don’t Want to Act Anymore, Quite Tiring#

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