Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 354



“Definitely yes.”

“Absolutely yes.”

“Tang Tang is the best.”

“Ah, my child is already in elementary school, and Tang Tang, you’re finally playing the female lead.”

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m looking forward to it.”

Thirty-year-old Tang Guo was still as beautiful as a young girl. She always had a gentle smile on her face, and wherever she was, Qiao Nie would appear.

In the summer, he would come with a box of ice cream. After feeding her, if she asked for another box, he would sternly refuse.


No matter how much she fussed, he would still say no.

In the end, he couldn’t help but pull her into his arms, gently kiss her forehead, and softly whisper in her ear, reminding her that eating too many cold drinks was bad for girls and could cause stomachaches.

Such a thoughtful and gentle man was simply a model of modern society.

People who knew Qiao Nie would say that if it weren’t for Tang Guo, they would never know that this genius director, who often scolded people, had such a patient, meticulous, and gentle side.

Actors who had been scolded by Qiao Nie understood, after participating in another of his films, that Director Qiao could actually film without scolding people.

“Although they would still be scolded like dogs, it was already much better than before.”

If the scolding got too severe, as long as Tang Guo said, “Stop scolding, smile,” the originally stern-faced Director Qiao would show a fawning smile like a little dog.

In front of everyone, Director Qiao, who was always on the verge of breaking down, never hid his special treatment of Tang Guo.

There was a popular saying online: “If you want a good life, you can’t miss Director Qiao’s dog food, one serving a day is enough to fill you up.”

Before meeting Tang Guo, Director Qiao would make one film every two years. After meeting Tang Guo, he made two films a year, and each one was a masterpiece.

Director Qiao said, “She is my inspiration, my muse.”

Actually, everyone could see that although Qiao Nie carefully thought out every role, he gave special attention to the roles Tang Guo played, making each role perfect, even if sometimes the role didn’t have many scenes.

The whole nation was looking forward to Tang Guo’s upcoming role as the female lead.

Tang Guo never sought worldwide fame, but one movie, “Who is the Murderer,” made her known to the world.

After that, every movie she participated in would be introduced to other countries, making her an internationally renowned actress.

Over the years, she almost exclusively acted in Qiao Nie’s films, occasionally making cameo appearances in unimportant roles for friends.

Anything she was involved in would become unimaginably popular.

People in the circle are very friendly to her, eager for her to take on their projects. Unfortunately, there are very few directors who can get Tang Guo to agree.

Even if she agreed, there was still Qiao Nie to pass through.

As for variety shows, she never participated.

Except for Chang Yuan’s reality show “Into the Forest with the Stars,” where she once appeared as a mystery guest, teaching the actors survival skills in the forest.

The video of her escaping back then had already become a textbook-level escape video.

The new film’s name was very clichéd, called “You and Me,” clearly a romance film just from the title.

Qiao Nie rarely shot pure romance films, but this didn’t mean people weren’t looking forward to it. On the contrary, they were very excited.

When the film was released, they finally understood why it was called “You and Me.”

The entire film was shot in a closed set, with no one daring to leak a bit of information, and there were no announcements.

On the day of the release, they hadn’t even seen the film’s poster. Entering the cinema with excitement, when they saw the people on the screen, they finally understood.

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