Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 353

The name “Time and Space Administration” had taken root in Tang Guo’s mind.

However, aside from this, the system knew little else. What it could confirm was that the reason she traversed so many worlds was inseparable from the woman who had taken the system away.

As for the truth of the matter, she believed that upgrading the system would reveal it.

The method for upgrading the system was simple: the happier she was, the more energy it would have.

This left her a little conflicted. Was the person who sent her through time and space doing it for her benefit, or were they just messing with her?

At least, so far, no one had interfered with her actions in any world. It was also possible that the person had forgotten about her.

“How is Bai Wenwen doing now that she has lost the system?”

[Not well. Without 875, she has stopped acting and no longer records talent videos. Host, Bai Wenwen never actually had those talents; her skills were all from skill cards exchanged in the system’s mall, which could only be used in one world. Once 875 disappeared, the skill cards became useless.]

“Oh, that’s good. Her misfortune makes me happy.”

Ignoring Bai Wenwen and Su He, she started looking at the script.

Qiao Nie was releasing a new film, one that intrigued her, and this time, she was eyeing the third female lead.

Given Tang Guo’s current status, she could easily be the leading actress in any film. But she didn’t pursue acting for fame or fortune; she did it out of interest and was very relaxed about it.

Later, in the film “Who is the Murderer,” Tang Guo’s superb acting earned her the Best Supporting Actress award, while Chu Nuo won Best Supporting Actor. In fact, Liang Chao and Nie Lingling, who played the lead roles, were also outstanding, both winning Best Actor and Best Actress, respectively.

Such a film, where both lead and supporting actors won awards, was unprecedented. But they were all so outstanding that no one could argue against it.

In the following years, Tang Guo continued to act in Qiao Nie’s films. Everyone thought that Qiao Nie’s female lead would only be her.

No one expected her to keep playing supporting roles for several years in a row, each year winning the Best Supporting Actress award. The nationwide audience following Tang Guo felt utterly amazed.

“If Tang Tang played the lead role, she would have been the Movie Empress long ago.”

“Sigh, Tang Tang is really willful. She used to like playing ‘I’m the most beautiful,’ now she only likes ‘I’m the best supporting.'”

Indeed, in the eyes of the nationwide audience, Tang Guo’s behavior screamed “I’m the best supporting role.”

Yet, she acted so well, and Qiao Nie spared no effort in giving her screen time, leaving people both amused and exasperated.

The Tang Guo Black Fan Club was still hanging on, but instead of criticizing her, their daily posts had turned into:

“Brothers, stay strong, don’t give in.”

“Sisters, isn’t she just a bit prettier, a bit better at acting, and has a nice smile? Don’t fall for her, don’t like her.”

“Everyone, I’m still here, resisting the urge to join Tang Guo’s fan club.”

The group leader, looking at the remaining twenty members, felt very helpless.

“Why don’t we change our name?” the group leader suggested.

“Change to what?”

The group leader: “Tang Tang Fan Club, how about it? Let’s vote.”

The group leader set up a voting system, and within a minute, including himself, everyone had unanimously agreed.

With a few keystrokes, the last black fan group disappeared from the internet, becoming part of the Tang Tang Fan Club army.

In the blink of an eye, many years have passed. This year, Tang Guo turned thirty. She announced on Weibo, “This time, I’m playing the leading lady. Do you think I’ll win Best Actress?”

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