Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 352

Bai Wenwen was in the headlines again.

At the wedding banquet, she suddenly went crazy and poured wine all over a guest, who was reportedly a very famous director in China.

He attended the wedding because Su He had once acted in his movie, and he had a new film in hand, intending to invite Su He to audition.

Bai Wenwen’s act of spilling the wine successfully cost Su He this opportunity.

Bai Wenwen couldn’t care less about all that; this is how it was that day.

While she and Su He were toasting the guests, she heard “Alert, alert, enemy intrusion,” and 875’s voice disappeared.

She hurriedly checked the system space and found that the system was gone, along with her big gift pack.

Everything she had stored in it was gone.

The skills she had exchanged for were also gone. In this world, she had exchanged for talent cards and acting cards, all of which were now ineffective.

Could Bai Wenwen not be panicked?

She had been able to sail smoothly through each world relying on these things.

Now that everything was gone, she actually had no real abilities. She had become accustomed to exchanging things from the system. Who could have imagined that the system would disappear without any reason?

Su He thought that after marriage, he would live sweetly and happily with the person he liked.

But that was not the case. He didn’t blame Bai Wenwen for her embarrassment on the wedding day, thinking she might have had a relapse.

Later, Bai Wenwen became listless, and every day after work, he would comfort her.

Bai Wenwen said she didn’t want to act anymore and had no interest in anything else.

Fine, he would support her and indulge her in everything.

In fact, he was also panicking inside. He found himself unable to forget the meaningful look that woman gave him on their wedding day.

He was afraid that Bai Wenwen would discover his inner disloyalty and thus didn’t realize that Bai Wenwen didn’t like him that much.

Compared to these two who seem harmonious but are actually at odds, Tang Guo’s life is much more comfortable.

[Host, I have finished digesting. I have also taken over the gift pack mall. I found quite a lot of stuff in it. Do you want to take a look? If you like anything, I’ll get it for you.]

“No need to exchange?”

[Host, you are too polite. We are teammates. How could there be any exchange needed? What’s mine is yours.]

“Well, what’s mine is still mine,” Tang Guo said with a smile.

System: Hmm, as long as you’re happy.

Tang Guo took a look and then lost interest after a while, feeling a bit disdainful, “I thought there would be some good stuff, but there’s not even as much as I’ve collected.”

[Hehe, how could a pirated system compare to the items you’ve collected after traveling through so many worlds.]

“Have you figured out 875’s origin?”

[This 875’s mission was to tempt newly deceased souls, bind them, and take them to various small worlds to complete tasks, absorbing the luck of the children of the world and some fortunate people. They should be part of an organization. There are many pirated systems like 875. In short, once they successfully strategize against someone, all their luck is stolen.]

So, this guy wasn’t his kind, and there was no pressure in swallowing it.

Hehe, he even leveled up.

[Host, with this upgrade, I discovered something. I have a little bit of an impression of the place where I was created.]

“Hmm?” Tang Guo became interested. After traveling through so many worlds, this was the first time the system mentioned having an impression of its birthplace. “What place is it?”

[I only remember that when I first gained consciousness, a very beautiful woman dressed in ancient attire took me away. Before leaving that place, I glanced plaque on the door, which read ‘Time and Space Administration.’ As for the rest, I can’t recall for now.]

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