Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 351

The news of Su He and Bai Wenwen’s marriage quickly dominated the headlines, successfully attracting the attention of people across the country.

After Bai Wenwen was discharged from the hospital, they announced the news simultaneously.

For Bai Wenwen, she wished to immediately leave this world, but the system wouldn’t allow it, requiring her to spend her life with Su He.

It was only when 875 said she could receive a big gift package after spending a lifetime together that she reluctantly agreed.

Su He seemed to treat her well, so she agreed to the marriage. Another reason was that she was particularly unwilling to see how Tang Guo, that native, could be so glamorous.

She held some resentment towards Liang Chao and Qiao Nie. Previously, she had heard that Su He and Qiao Nie were half-brothers, and it was Qiao Nie who brought down the Su family.

She had a plan in her mind, believing that Su He would not be content with Qiao Nie’s continued success and would eventually confront him once he was strong enough.

To avenge the hatred of being punishment by the system, Bai Wenwen also chose to stay.

After conquering so many people, it was the first time she suffered such a loss, which she found hard to accept.

However, before she could think of how to deal with Qiao Nie, a nightmare arrived.

On the day of Su He’s wedding, Bai Wenwen, for some reason, invited Tang Guo and Qiao Nie.

“Go, why not go?”

Qiao Nie paused, “Are you sure?”

He was sure that Tang Guo no longer liked Su He. Remembering the woman who once came to him, her eyes full of love for Su He, he felt a bit uncomfortable.

“After all, it’s my first love. Of course I must attend my first love’s wedding.”

Qiao Nie looked at the smiling woman, helplessness flashing in his eyes. Guo Guo truly no longer liked Su He; she could even smile at his wedding.

“How do you want to take revenge on him?” Qiao Nie encircled the woman, his eyes full of love, “I’ll help you.”

“Kick him out of the entertainment industry, or make him infamous?”

“No need, I’ve already thought of how to handle it.”

Tang Guo chuckled. Such revenge had no meaning. The best way to avenge someone was to shatter their beliefs and destroy their self-righteous truth.

On the wedding day, many people came.

Putting aside everything else, Su He had pretty good connections in the circle.

Tang Guo, holding Qiao Nie’s hand, stood among the crowd, watching Su He. Su He, holding his bride Bai Wenwen, suddenly felt a very special gaze.

He looked towards that gaze and suddenly locked eyes with Tang Guo, stunned for a moment.

The woman’s clear eyes had something missing, something that made his heart uneasy, so uneasy that his palms were sweating.


Even though they were far apart, he still heard her say “Congratulations,” but why did he feel so uncomfortable in his heart?

“Ah He?”

“Nothing, let’s go.”

Su He forcibly turned his head away, not wanting to look in that direction. The woman’s gaze made him want to flee.

The wedding proceeded smoothly. Bai Wenwen thought Tang Guo would do something, but she didn’t do anything.

Throughout the entire time, she held onto Qiao Nie’s arm, receiving the admiration of many people, like the moon surrounded by stars, her radiant appearance made people particularly envious.

“Tong Zi, do it.”

Tang Guo swirled the wine in her goblet, the dark red liquid swaying as if it would spill at any moment.

The system was very excited, finally reaching this moment.

Tang Guo couldn’t feel how the two systems clashed, but after about a minute, the system’s excited voice sounded, [Host, I’m a bit full now and need to digest.]

“875? What’s going on?”

While toasting, Bai Wenwen’s body stiffened, her face showing panic, spilling wine all over a guest.

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