Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 350

“Wenwen, of course you’re important to me. Stop talking and hold on a little longer.”

Bai Wenwen gritted her teeth, “Ah He, do you love me?”

“Yes, I love you. I’ve loved you since a long time ago, back in high school.”

A smile forced its way onto Bai Wenwen’s face, “Ah He… do you really love me and are willing to marry me?”

Su He was stunned for a moment, seeing Bai Wenwen’s painful expression, he grew increasingly worried, thinking Wenwen might be afraid she was going to die.

He hurriedly said, “Wenwen, once you recover, let’s get engaged.”

He and Bai Wenwen were already boyfriend and girlfriend, so it’s natural for them to get married. Moreover, he has always loved her, and their feelings are mutual. Their marriage will only be blessed.

At that moment, he seemed to have let go of Tang Guo, expelling the woman who had betrayed him from his heart.

[Ding! Su He’s favorability rating +1, current favorability rating 100, strategy success. Congratulations, Host, you have received a super gift pack. The gift pack has been placed in the system backpack, please check it yourself.]

The soul’s pain seemed to alleviate a bit because of these words.

Bai Wenwen’s face showed a hint of a smile, which made Su He feel relieved, “Feeling better?”


Much better, at least she had successfully conquered two people in this world and wouldn’t be erased.

The pain continued until Bai Wenwen was taken away.

[Host, when can I act to swallow 875?] The system was eager, feeling that it would become stronger if it swallowed the other.

Tang Guo thought for a moment and said, “Let’s wait until after they get married.”

[Aww… Host, you’re so bad.]

The award ceremony ended.

“Guo Guo.”

“Hmm?” Tang Guo looked at Qiao Nie strangely, “What’s wrong?”

Qiao Nie coughed lightly, taking her hand, “Nothing, let’s go, it’s late.”

[Host, you just promised Qiao Nie to kiss him, did you forget?] The system was a thoughtful little helper, remembering clearly when the host did not.

Tang Guo: “…”

Back at the villa, after sending Tang Guo to the door, Qiao Nie paused, then turned and left.

“Ah Nie.”

“Hmm?” Qiao Nie quickly turned around, “Is there something else?” Beneath his mature exterior, his heart was beating rapidly.

Tang Guo smiled, her red lips slightly parted, “Good night.”

“Uh…” Qiao Nie was stunned for a moment, then responded, “Good night.”

[Couldn’t tell, as a director, he’s actually so innocent.] The system sighed, thinking how such an innocent guy could compete with the host who was such an old hand.

Qiao Nie felt a bit disappointed, but he didn’t miss the trace of cunning in the woman’s eyes. As long as she was happy, it was fine.

“Ah Nie.”

Before Qiao Nie could react, a soft body bumped into his arms, followed by a peck on the face. He looked at the smiling woman and couldn’t help but lift the back of her hand for a kiss.

His dark eyes were extremely bright, and being looked at with such eyes would always make one lose their mind for a moment.

“Ah Nie, I suddenly find you a bit cute.”

Tang Guo pushed Qiao Nie away, turned and walked back to her room, a deeply satisfied smile tugging at her lips.

“Has Guo Guo grown to like me a little?”

Tang Guo looked back with a light smile and blinked, “Nope.”

“Oh…” Qiao Nie wore a warm smile, “It’s okay, we have a lifetime.”

“Why would Guo Guo kiss someone she doesn’t like?” Qiao Nie looked at her seriously.

Tang Guo really didn’t expect that this guy actually had a plan in his heart. After thinking for a while, she said, “You look like a cute little puppy.”

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