Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 349

Tang Guo sat back in her seat, and the actress next to her, thinking that Bai Wenwen and Tang Guo were good friends, made room for her.

“I watched Director Qiao’s ‘Who is the Murderer,’ it was really amazing.”

[Ding! Qiao Nie’s favorability rating -5, current favorability rating -95, warning, warning, the strategy target is about to fail, please host make an effort, failure of the task will result in severe punishment.]

Bai Wenwen’s face turned pale, she looked at Qiao Nie in disbelief. Didn’t she just compliment him?

And that dropped her favorability rating?

“875, are you sure you’re not playing me? How am I supposed to strategize with someone so psychologically twisted? Just like Liang Chao, a single compliment drops favorability. How am I supposed to strategize? If I can’t praise them, should I insult them instead?”

Bai Wenwen was really annoyed. What kind of world is this?

[Host, not making an effort is not an excuse. Without seriously interacting with the strategy target, you naturally can’t gain favorability points. Please work hard and complete the task as soon as possible.]

Bai Wenwen wanted to curse out loud at that moment. What kind of ridiculous task is this? Liang Chao was one thing, but now this Qiao Nie?

Tang Guo, sitting beside her, kept a straight face but was laughing hysterically inside, complaining to her system, “That 875 seems to have low IQ.”

[Host, you noticed that too?]


She held onto Qiao Nie’s arm. Qiao Nie looked down at her, wondering what she was up to now, when she whispered, “That Bai Wenwen is so annoying.”


“Ah Nie, just now Bai Wenwen tried to seduce you.”

“I won’t be swayed.”

“Do you dislike her, Ah Nie?”

“Yes, I do.”

Tang Guo was satisfied and whispered in his ear, “Dislike her a bit more, and I’ll give you a kiss.”

Qiao Nie’s entire body stiffened, but his heart was ablaze.

In this circle, he had seen many beautiful women, many had tried to tempt him, but no matter how they presented themselves in front of him, he regarded them as statues.

However, this woman beside him just whispered that she would kiss him, and his heart pounded with anticipation.


After thinking for half a minute, Qiao Nie agreed. Recalling Bai Wenwen’s earlier behavior, it did seem like she was trying to seduce him, just as Tang Guo said.

Already disliking Bai Wenwen, he remembered she was Su He’s girlfriend, which increased his aversion.

He didn’t know how Bai Wenwen managed it, but some rumors online were indeed started by her. However, he had no evidence.

At that moment, Bai Wenwen’s impression in his mind plummeted.

Deciding not to provoke Qiao Nie for the time being, Bai Wenwen returned to her seat, but before she could sit down, she heard a deathly notification.

[Ding, Qiao Nie’s favorability rating -5, current favorability rating -100, strategy for Qiao Nie failed, host please prepare for a twenty-minute electric shock punishment.]

Bai Wenwen’s face turned white immediately. The pain from the electric shock hit her instantly, causing her to collapse into her seat, feeling as if her soul was being torn apart. It was excruciatingly painful.

Damn Qiao Nie, damn him!

All she did was compliment him a little.

Did it warrant dropping her favorability by ten points?

Damn 875, why did it have to be Qiao Nie? Of all the tasks, why did it choose him for me to seduce? That man is not easy to conquer!

Ah—it hurts!

“Wenwen, what’s wrong?”

Su He saw Bai Wenwen convulsing and pale-faced, panicked. He called for help while holding Bai Wenwen in his arms.

“Wenwen, I’ve called an ambulance, hang in there.”

Bai Wenwen bit her lip, looking at Su He in immense pain, suddenly saying, “Ah He, am I important to you?”

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