Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 348

“Not participating in variety shows.”

“From now on, I’ll mostly act in Ah Nie’s films.”

Zhu Yi’s eyes widened. “Guo Guo, are you courting death?”

Soon, Zhu Yi realized that acting might not be that important to Tang Guo after all.

She was the eldest daughter of the Tang family. Looking back, her favorite thing was just to play minor roles. If she stopped acting, at most, she would just quit the circle, unlike other actresses.

Zhu Yi didn’t push further. “If there’s a film you’re interested in, will you act in it?”

“If there is, I won’t refuse. As for variety shows, just turn them all down for me.”


With a bitter expression, Zhu Yi made a call to decline on her behalf, feeling somewhat distressed. The superstar she managed was a young lady who could return to inherit her family fortune if she didn’t want to act. What could she do?

Forget it. If Guo Guo quits one day, she might as well quit too and go back to inherit her family fortune.

[Host, don’t you want to be an international superstar?] the system asked curiously.

Tang Guo smiled. “As someone who once became a worldwide famous singer, becoming an international superstar is no longer a challenge. I’ve been here for almost two years; there’s only eleven years left, why tire myself out?”

[But… I feel something’s off…] The host clearly wanted to mess with Qiao Nie, right?

Oh well, as long as she’s happy. If every world had a Wei Yue, the host would be very happy.

I wonder if this Qiao Nie could become an upgraded version of Wei Yue in the end.

Tang Guo won the Best Supporting Actress award, which didn’t surprise anyone.

Bai Wenwen and Su He also came. Bai Wenwen certainly hoped to win an award, but she knew it was impossible.

She was a newcomer in the entertainment industry and this was her first time playing a lead role. There were too many talented and well-connected actors, and it wasn’t her turn yet.

Since Wei Chuan went to prison and got a life sentence, she had no reliable support in the entertainment circle.

Fortunately, she still had the system. Last time she successfully strategized against Wei Chuan and received a reward.

As for Su He, she was just a bit short of the favorability rating needed to succeed.

But when she saw Tang Guo standing on the stage, looking radiant, she felt a bit jealous. “Are the natives really that impressive? She’s even the eldest daughter of the Tang family, hiding it so well.”

[Host, strive to complete the tasks. There are two targets left: Su He and Qiao Nie.]

[Reminder: Qiao Nie’s luck is even stronger than Su He’s. If the host succeeds in strategizing against Qiao Nie, you’ll receive a super super gift pack with permanent usage skills.]

This statement made Bai Wenwen very tempted. She had long desired permanent usage skills.

But the thought of strategizing against Qiao Nie made her heart sink.

[Doesn’t Tang Guo like Su He? Suggest the host strategize against Su He first, then find a way to get Tang Guo back with Su He. That way, you’ll have a chance with Qiao Nie.]

Bai Wenwen still felt uncertain. Was it possible?

She wanted to do it. She did like Su He, but she had traversed many worlds by now.

Her feelings had long become numb. These people dying meant nothing to her, but if she died, she would have to continue.

The super gift pack reward was, of course, more important to her.

She couldn’t help but glance at Qiao Nie, who was sitting a few seats away. That man was focused on the woman on stage, and even his side profile was better looking than Su He’s.

She didn’t know that wherever Tang Guo was, her conversations with 875 could be overheard.

Tang Guo glanced at Bai Wenwen as she walked down. She could now fully confirm that 875 belonged to the category of evil systems.

In today’s terms, it was a pirated system used by some people to steal luck.

“Congratulations, Tang Guo,” Bai Wenwen said with a sincere face.

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