Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 346

“That woman doesn’t have any background. She was his junior in school, and they were always very much in love.”

“Until he took over the family business and needed a wife with a background. That candidate chosen was my mother.”

Qiao Nie lowered his head and said calmly, “After they got married, his first love came back, and they rekindled their old feelings.”

“He thought that since he was already married to my mother, everything was settled, so he turned back to his lost love,” Qiao Nie’s eyes were filled with sarcasm. “My mother was a woman who loved and hated intensely. When she found out the truth, it affected her pregnancy. After giving birth to me in the hospital, she took me back to the Qiao family and quickly divorced him.”

“She wasn’t in good health and passed away early. Before she died, she left me a plan.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Guo was somewhat surprised.

Qiao Nie pulled her into his arms, holding her soft body, feeling exceptionally satisfied as he continued, “She left in such a hurry and wanted to sever the relationship so badly. Plus, her health deteriorated after giving birth to me, so when it came to splitting the Su family’s assets, she was at a disadvantage.”

“During her last moments, she wrote me a plan to bring down the Su family and make them bankrupt.”

Tang Guo’s eyes sparkled, “Your mother was a ruthless person.”

She liked it!

Qiao Nie saw the admiration in her eyes and felt even more satisfied. Indeed, she was the person he liked.

“According to the plan, I carried it out step by step, adding some personal touches along the way. The Su family couldn’t withstand it at all.”

“The personal touches were just to keep Su He down,” Qiao Nie’s expression turned serious. “The only flaw was getting you involved.” He stroked Tang Guo’s cheek. “I don’t regret it.”

“If I hadn’t attacked Su He, you wouldn’t have left him.”

“But you hurt me.” Tang Guo pulled away from his embrace. “Your revenge involved an innocent person like me.”

Faced with such a serious, unsmiling Tang Guo, Qiao Nie was momentarily stunned. “I’m sorry.”

“If apologies were enough, what would the law be used for? Look at those hurt characters in your movies, those children who were harmed. Do they only need an apology?”

“If there’s a grudge, avenge it. If there’s resentment, resolve it. You avenged against Su He because his mother destroyed your family. But using me to deal with Su He hurt me.”

Tang Guo said sternly, “In this situation, I was the innocent one.”

“Why did you agree?”

“If I didn’t agree, you would pressure Su He. I liked him at that time.”

Hearing this, Qiao Nie felt a pang in his heart.

Tang Guo laughed, “Qiao Nie, you just wanted to use the same method to take me away from Su He’s side, to make him feel pain. Just like how you didn’t have your father’s love, you wanted to take away the best person to Su He. You were jealous.”

Qiao Nie sat there, lost in thought. “Alright, I was wrong.”

“What do you want to do?” He looked at her as if whatever she wanted, he would do.

Tang Guo moved in front of Qiao Nie, “Considering your good attitude in admitting your mistakes, you have a lifetime to atone for it. Right now, I want ice cream. Go buy it for me.”

System: The host sometimes acts like a dog.

Qiao Nie was stunned for a moment, then grasped Tang Guo’s slightly cold hand without thinking, “No, summer is almost over, and you just finished your period. You can’t eat it.”

Tang Guo: “…”

She glared at Qiao Nie, and her serious expression made her eyes narrow slightly. “Did we know each other in a previous life?”

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