Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 345

“The Suspense Crime Film ‘Who is the Murderer’ continues to soar at the box office, with every screening sold out for the past half month since its release.

Many people have watched it twice, thrice… even five times… eventually spreading the word.

The film’s impact is shocking, and Tang Guo has received unanimous recognition for her acting skills due to this movie.

She leapt from being a popular flower vase actress to a skilled performer, successfully standing out.

Many people were envious and tried to dig up dirt on Tang Guo, releasing anything, true or false.

Unfortunately, no one bought it. The Tang family didn’t need to do much; her fans would jump out to defend her. The fiercest defenders weren’t even her fans, but members of the Tang Guo Black Fan Club.

By the time the movie was out of theaters, the box office had reached sixty-six billion, a staggering figure that caused another sensation.

Not long after, the film was released in various countries abroad, also causing quite a stir.

Especially in country H, where several laws had been changed due to a few movies, the film received high praise. The people of country H found the actions of the second female lead in the film very satisfying, yet also regrettable.

The subsequent impact of the movie was something that neither Qiao Nie nor Tang Guo had anticipated.

The first to be affected were those children who had been bullied, whether they were already adults, married with children, or still studying.

They all stood up, writing down their experiences, hoping the world would grant them fairness.

They used to be ashamed to speak up, afraid of being despised, afraid of being threatened by those perverts, and afraid that those beasts would make things difficult for them.

After watching the film, they realized they were wrong.

Constantly hiding, avoiding, and escaping will only make those people more rampant and proud in the end.

They committed wrongs but received no punishment, never realizing their faults.

Just like some perverts who assault young women, they would only smile and say she dressed provocatively, too enticingly. What else could it be but seducing them to commit a crime?

Such arguments was even agreed upon by countless people, condoned by the public.

This time, those who had been hurt in their childhood no longer remained silent.

The incident escalated, gradually revealing the dark truth beneath the harmonious surface.

Many parents had no idea that their children had encountered such things.

“Ah Nie, you’re going to become famous this time,” Tang Guo said with a smile as she watched the news. “I really didn’t expect that China would change its laws because of a movie.”

“Anything is possible.” Qiao Nie didn’t mind. The movie’s impact was so significant because of a group of excellent actors, especially the woman in front of him.

She had put almost everything into her performance, as if… she was the person who wanted to seek justice for those children.

Sometimes, she didn’t seem like a young woman in her twenties, but someone who had gone through countless hardships and trials.

“Why are you looking at me?” Tang Guo smiled. “I know you like me. If you want to ask if I like you, my answer is not yet. You have to work hard, Ah Nie.”

Qiao Nie nodded seriously, his eyes devout. “I will work hard.”

He would work hard to make her forget the hurt he had caused her and slowly start to like him.

“Su He and I are half-brothers,” Qiao Nie suddenly said. “After my mother became pregnant, he had a woman outside. Later, I found out that this woman had been entangled with him for a long time.”

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