Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 344

As expected, the people in the screening room stopped speaking when they saw how much of the progress bar was left.

Even on the day of the second male lead’s trial, the case took another unexpected turn, leaving everyone present somewhat desensitized to the high level of intensity and shock.

However, when they saw the male lead’s expression change upon answering the phone, they had a bad premonition in their hearts.

When the scene switched to the rooftop, and they saw that incredibly familiar back, the audience started to crumble.

“What the hell!!”

“Truly intense.”

“My angel, my goddess.”

In this drama, except for her performance at the end, the second female lead was a smart, gentle sister throughout, very different from the intelligent, bold, and domineering first female lead.

Tang Guo’s portrayal of this gentle sister melted their hearts, and they had breathed a sigh of relief when she was cleared of suspicion earlier.

Generally, when the second male lead is suspected, then cleared, and finally caught again, the real culprit should be him. They forgot that the second female lead was also suspected and then cleared.

Who would have thought the result would come full circle, and this time the second female lead called the police herself, leaving no way to clear her name.

An angel turned demon—this impact was tremendous.

The commotion lasted only a moment before they chose to keep watching, especially wanting to know the outcome.

When they heard the second female lead’s final statement, they could only sense resignation in her tone.

Young children molested by perverted adults sometimes receive no punishment at all, or perhaps only a few years of imprisonment in severe cases.

However, the scars left on these children are permanent.

Most children live their entire lives with this psychological shadow, affecting future marriages and children, and potentially leading to various tragedies.

Some children can’t bear it and choose to take their own lives.

The second female lead, who had also been bullied by the teacher as a child, had moved on from the trauma. Unexpectedly, many years later, the teacher harassed her again.

She finally couldn’t hold back and killed him. Using her professional skills and intelligence, she successfully avoided all detection.

Later, she discovered some children hiding in the corners of an orphanage, trembling, and the reason enraged her.

From then on, she was an angel sister by day, warming these children’s hearts, and at night, using her high intelligence to plan murders.

If she hadn’t exposed herself in the end, this would have become an unsolved case.

She told the children in the end that killing is illegal and that she would be punished, giving them one last lesson.

Seeing her leap from the building, the audience couldn’t help but break into tears.

“Tang Tang is too cruel, why doesn’t she play the ‘I’m the most beautiful’ roles like before, always playing these roles that make me cry in the end, boo hoo…so sad.”

“Too realistic.”

“It’s also helpless. Those perverted people never get the punishment they deserve. What’s the point of a few years in jail? They come out and live as usual.”

“Those bullied children are so pitiful.”

After watching the movie, the people in the screening room were all wiping their tears, unable to react for a long time.

It was only when the staff came in to call them that they slowly stood up and walked out.

No one knew that among the crowd were the people who made them cry.

Qiao Nie and Tang Guo remained calm throughout, seemingly unmoved by the characters in the movie.

It made sense for Qiao Nie, as he directed the movie and rewrote the script; no matter how touching the content, he was desensitized to it after seeing it so many times.

“Don’t you have any thoughts?” Qiao Nie asked.

Tang Guo looked up, revealing only her beautiful eyes, “What thoughts?”

“About the many injustices in this world.”

Tang Guo smiled and lowered her eyes, speaking softly, “None.”

Maybe…she was used to it? The second female lead’s choice was the same as hers, using a self-destructive and extreme method to exact revenge.

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