Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 342

“Are you really not going to tell Su He?” Qiao Nie looked at the woman sipping water on the sofa. “He should know the truth.”

“Don’t say anything.”

Qiao Nie was silent for a moment. “Do you have a plan?”

[Host, Qiao Nie is very smart. No wonder he caught your eye.]

“If I have a plan, will you help me?”

Without hesitation, Qiao Nie replied, “Of course.”

Tang Guo immediately smiled and sat beside him. “Ah Nie, why are you so good to me?”

If he hadn’t seen the clear look in her eyes, he might have thought she had fallen in love with him.

Maybe he owed her in his past life and still owes her in this one.

“I’ve decided to rely on you for the rest of my life.”

Qiao Nie: “Are you sure?”

“Of course. I can’t find another man who can take care of me so comfortably.”

“Guo Guo does have good taste.”

“Except that this man can’t do it, everything else is satisfactory.”

Tang Guo glanced at Qiao Nie, seeing no change in his expression. It wasn’t like the script. Didn’t legends say that when a woman tells a man he can’t do it, he can’t help but prove her wrong?

“I don’t need to prove anything,” Qiao Nie said seriously.

“Really? Have you tried?”

“Did you try it yourself or find someone else to try?” She squinted her eyes.

Qiao Nie: It’s endless.

He reached out and touched her face. “Do you really want it?”

“If I want it, will you give it to me?”

[Host, I think you should hold back. This man has great self-control. If he gets serious, you might not be able to handle it.]

“Answer quickly, is that so?”

Qiao Nie pondered his words carefully, his eyes becoming more serious. “Do you like me?”

“If you’re just curious and want to prove something without actually liking me, I don’t suggest we engage in such an intimate relationship.”

Tang Guo: “…”

Maybe she should take a rebirth and reevaluate this man. She stared at him. “Do you like me?”


“I don’t like you, do you still like me?”


She was stunned for a moment, then was silent for a long time. “I want to ruin your reputation, to get back at you, make sure you never find another woman in your life, and you’re okay with that?”

“I’m okay with it.”

“As long as you’re happy.”

Tang Guo was silent. “You remind me of someone.”

She returned to her seat. “He always bought me ice cream in various flavors.”

“But I’ve forgotten what it feels like to like him.”

[Host, do you want to watch Wei Yue’s recordings? I saved them all.]

Tang Guo laughed. “No need, I’ve almost forgotten.” She really is heartless and forgets quickly.

“If I don’t like you, Qiao Nie, would you still be willing to be entangled with me for a lifetime?”

“Yes, as long as you don’t move out.” Qiao Nie thought, wondering if that person was Su He. If it was, he would definitely win.

Tang Guo smiled. “Then you can spend your life making up for your mistakes. Maybe one day, I’ll like you.”

“Ah Nie, you have to work hard.” Tang Guo ruffled his hair and said softly, “I will be more tolerant and treat the person I like well.”

Qiao Nie looked into Tang Guo’s sincere eyes, and his heart moved. He couldn’t help but anticipate how she would treat someone well.

For the first time, he had some expectations for the feelings between men and women.


“High School Romance” finally came to an end. The character Lin Weiwei was very captivating from the beginning.

Since the show started, it gained countless fans.

Even though she was so arrogant and proud, countless people still liked her.

In the last episode, when Lin Weiwei slapped the male lead Qin Mo, it really got them excited.

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