Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 341

Everyone in the crew felt a bit heavy after filming this movie.

Then they saw Tang Guo, the supporting actress who should have been more depressed than them, waiting for Qiao Nie to feed her ice cream with a smile.

Everyone’s heavy mood disappeared in that instant!

Actors: Damn! This works too.

“Another box, please.” After finishing one box, Tang Guo felt unsatisfied.

Qiao Nie refused, “No.”

“One more box won’t hurt.”

“Your period is coming soon.”

Actors: What the hell.

Tang Guo was surprised, “Huh? You actually remember my period, Ah Nie, do you want to have a baby with me?” Tang Guo hugged Qiao Nie’s arm, “So sneaky of you, trying to put a baby in my belly.”

Qiao Nie: “…”

Liang Chao burst out laughing, hahaha, so funny, right?

Put a baby?

Hahaha, Qiao Nie wants to secretly put a baby in Xiao Guo’s belly?

Qiao Nie’s ears turned red, he coughed lightly, “That’s not it.”

But everyone’s eyes showed disbelief. If it’s not to put a baby, why remember the period date so clearly?

No one expected that Director Qiao was this kind of person.

During her rare break, Tang Guo curled up on the sofa and scrolled through Weibo, noticing a phenomenon: fewer people were scolding her.

Of course, there were also fewer scolding Qiao Nie, which made her a bit unhappy.

So she moved her fingers and posted on Weibo: “Why aren’t you scolding me anymore?”

Onlookers, fans, passersby, and black fans: “…”

Fans: “Tang Tang is so cute, we wouldn’t scold you, and we’re your fans.”

Passersby: “We don’t have the habit of scolding for no reason.”

Black fan group: “Too lazy to scold you.” Scolding you only makes you happily show off your love with someone.

[Host, this batch of black fans is no good.]

“Yes, I completely agree, no professionalism, particularly unqualified, no principles at all.”

The black fan group was actually very frustrated. They originally had many groups named Black Fan Group 1, 2, 3…

Now they only had one black fan group barely holding on, while the others, 2, 3, 4… had become “Tang Tang’s Most Loyal Little Fans 2, 3, 4…” filled with messages like:

“Tang Tang love you, mwah.”

“Tang Tang is so handsome, mwah.”

“Tang Tang, I’m here to check in.”

“Tang Tang looks even more beautiful today.”

“Tang Tang is forever my goddess, sob sob!”

In the eys of the black fan group, these messages were an eyesore, a bunch of traitors!!!

Tang Guo’s parents dug up the old posts that used to blacken her and debunked them one by one, leaving only the one about breaking up with Su He as a black spot; everything else was unfounded.

Naturally, there were fewer people blackening her.

“I really didn’t expect that the ones ruining my plans would be my own parents.” Tang Guo found it both funny and exasperating when she found out, “But having such parents is pretty good.”

The system, seeing Tang Guo not angry but actually liking what her parents did, relaxed, as long as the host is happy.

Only Qiao Nie knew that Tang Guo’s only black spot was also fake.

If everyone knew, they might feel embarrassed.

He wanted to clarify, but Tang Guo pushed open the door to his study and stared at the number his phone was dialing. “If you dare tell Su He the truth, believe me, I’ll make sure you’re unhappy every day.”

Qiao Nie hung up, stood up, took her hand, and led her out, saying, “When your period comes, rest more, getting angry can cause inflammation.”

Tang Guo: “…”

She watched as Qiao Nie made her brown sugar water, then smiled again, “Ah Nie, you’re so considerate.” She hugged Qiao Nie’s waist from behind, “Tell me, do you have an ulterior motive?”

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