Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 340

The murder victims died in a very tragic state, and it was classified as a perverted murder case.

If you didn’t see the ending, almost no one would guess who the murderer was.

The name of this movie is “Who is the Murderer”.

The male lead is a very righteous police officer, upright and incorruptible. The female lead is intelligent and beautiful, also full of justice, with a slightly domineering personality, and has a love-hate relationship with the male lead.

The second female lead has a cute appearance and a warmly charming smile.

The second male lead is a classmate of the second female lead, and also her childhood sweetheart who has loved her since they were little, no matter who the second female lead likes, he silently loves her and never tries to ruin her relationships.

Of course, there are also various other very important roles interwoven, which fully display the mysterious colors of this drama.

As the plot gradually unfolds, it is revealed that the victims had previously done things that outraged both humans and gods—they had sexually assaulted young boys and girls.

This important clue is discovered, and the male and female leads begin investigating the background of the murderer, first suspecting the second male lead.

Because when he was young, he was molested by a female teacher.

However, the investigation finds that the second male lead has an alibi. They then shift their gaze, and by chance, the male lead learns that the second female lead was also hurt by a beastly teacher in the past.

Moreover, that teacher was the first victim.

They focused their attention on the second female lead, believing she was highly suspicious of committing the crime.

While the second female lead was being detained for investigation, another victim appeared. This made everyone realize the complexity of the case and simultaneously dispelled their suspicions about the second female lead.

This victim’s method of death is the same as before, with the same modus operandi.

They thought they wouldn’t find any clues, but later they found a piece of evidence at the crime scene.

A fragment identified as having fallen from a certain brand of watch.

They quickly lock onto the target. The watch was bought by the second female lead as a birthday gift for the second male lead.

So, the murderer is the second male lead!

After the second male lead is arrested, he readily admits that he did everything. He had always liked the second female lead, and that teacher had later harassed her, so he secretly killed the teacher, leading to the subsequent cases one after another.

The case should have ended there, but on the day of the trial, another murder occurred. The trial had to be suspended, and they went to the new murder scene.

On the highest roof in the city, they saw the second female lead holding a scalpel.

Still with her bright and warm smile, when she saw everyone arrive, she only said, “Let him go, I did everything. Including the person who died in the detention center while I was detained, I killed them too.”

This was her backup plan to prove her alibi. She didn’t expect the second male lead to notice and smash the watch, leaving a fragment at the scene.

She stated her whole life on the roof, and those children who had been assaulted by the deceased all came, their originally dull eyes filled with spirit when they saw her.

The children called out, “Big sister.”

The second female lead explained the process of her crimes, then told those children, “Don’t learn from me.”

“Children, murder is illegal. Forget the past; your new lives have begun. Those who hurt you have been punished, and I will be punished too.”

“Live well.” She didn’t look at the male and female leads, but gave the second male lead a glance filled with some love, almost heartbreakingly so.

She told the male lead, “You should take the children away now.”

After the children were taken away, she jumped from the tallest building, ending her young life.

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