Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 339

Qiao Nie’s new drama has started filming.

Liang Chao is the male lead, and the actress playing the female lead is named Nie Lingling, a very talented performer.

The second male lead surprised Tang Guo; it turned out to be Chu Nuo.

When filming began, she finally understood why everyone said Qiao Nie had a bad temper.

Even Chu Nuo and Nie Lingling, these dedicated and skilled actors, were scolded ten times for each take by Qiao Nie.

Almost no scene was passed in one take, not even for Tang Guo.

But when it came to Tang Guo, everyone realized how unprincipled Qiao Nie was.

For instance, in one scene between the second female lead and the second male lead, Qiao Nie felt the emotions were lacking.

First, he scolded Chu Nuo harshly, and Chu Nuo silently endured it, thinking it was worth being scolded a hundred times to be in Qiao Nie’s film.

But when it came to Tang Guo, Qiao Nie pulled her in front of him, spoke to her gently without a harsh word, and softly asked, “Do you Remember?”

“I remember.” Tang Guo replied with a sweet smile.


Qiao Nie put on a stern face, “Are you tired?”

“Not really.”


“A little.”

“Then let’s eat something before continuing.”

Everyone: Hehe…

Chu Nuo: At this moment, I have the urge to say “WTF” but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll have someone buy it.”

Zhu Yi quickly jumped out, “I’ll go buy it, I’ll go buy it.”

“Director, we are also hungry and tired.” Liang Chao said sarcastically from the side, “Director, buy more so everyone can have some.”

Qiao Nie didn’t even look at Liang Chao, he glanced at everyone, “You all are hungry?”


“We’ve only been filming for two hours!! It’s three in the afternoon! Only three hours since lunch, and you’re complaining about being tired??? As a qualified actor, please show some dedication. When filming with me, I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about being tired!”


“Xiao Yi, go buy some food and share it with everyone.” Tang Guo said with a smile, “Our director is too strict. Actors are human too; they get tired and hungry.”

Liang Chao and the others quickly nodded. Yes, they were not only physically tired but also mentally tired.

The previously stern Qiao Nie suddenly changed his tone, “Since everyone is tired, let’s take a half-hour break.” He called an assistant to buy food.

Liang Chao, chewing on a chicken leg, patted the dejected Chu Nuo, consoling him, “Next time you’re tired or hungry, just go to Xiao Guo. Qiao Nie is totally unprincipled when it comes to her; he changes his mood faster than turning the page of a book.”

“I understand now.” Chu Nuo nodded, “The secret to not being scolded is Tang Guo.”


Nie Lingling came over smiling and sat with them, “Actually, after working with Director Qiao for so many films, this is the first time I feel filming his movie is so easy.”

“In the past, I had to do thirty takes to get one right, and each take would be scolded a dozen times. I’m used to it. But today, at most ten takes per scene, it’s really too easy.”

Chu Nuo: “…” Terrifying.

“Don’t worry, Sister Lingling,” Liang Chao winked, “From now on, every film Qiao Nie directs will have Tang Guo in it.”

Nie Lingling’s eyes brightened, and she laughed, “That’s great news. Haha, I need to go tell everyone.”

Qiao Nie’s film is a suspense crime thriller. The content is intense throughout, depicting high-intelligence crimes and the complex relationships between several characters.

The male lead is a policeman, the female lead a forensic doctor, and the second female lead was initially a doctor but also became a forensic doctor for the sake of the male lead.

It’s about a serial murder case where both men and women are murdered, with no apparent motive at the beginning.

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