Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 338

#Wei Group#

#Wei Chuan Hires Hitman#

#Wei Chuan Hits and Abandons Victim#  

#Wei Group Tax Evasion#

#Wei Group Illegal Transactions#

In no time, Wei Chuan and the Wei Group dominated the top five trending searches.

The netizens on Weibo, in the early hours of the morning, all looked on in astonishment, clicked in with surprise, and came out afterwards feeling angry and disheartened.

Wei Chuan was arrested at the villa, and at that time he even cursed and demanded an explanation from the police.

Once at the police station, the presentation of a series of evidence awaited him, leading to severe legal consequences.

Every one of the crimes listed was enough to make him drink a pot1.

The police had already filed charges against him. At the same time the Liang family, the Tang family, and Qiao Nie joined forces, bringing down the Wei Group completely.

The family of the woman who was hit and abandoned also sued Wei Chuan.

The woman’s boyfriend also came to the police station to see Wei Chuan. If someone hadn’t stopped him, he would have almost attacked Wei Chuan with a knife.

A single Wei Chuan was revealed to have caused so much harm to many people because of Tang Guo and Liang Chao’s live broadcast escape before.

No matter if you’re a big CEO or a self-made millionaire, in your next life, you’ll be spending your days in prison; people couldn’t wait for him to die sooner.

“Thank you.” The woman, now a ghost, looked at Tang Guo with gratitude. “Really, thank you. I want to ask you a favor, if I may?”

“You want to see your family and boyfriend?”

The ghost nodded. “I just want to see them one last time.”

When Wei Chuan was brought to justice, she felt she wouldn’t be able to stay much longer.

Tang Guo took out a talisman. “Go find them. Place this talisman on your forehead, and they’ll be able to see you.”

“Sob…thank you so much.” The ghost took the talisman, glanced at Tang Guo, and said, “I hope you and Qiao Nie end up together soon. He’s a good person.”

Tang Guo chuckled. “Don’t forget, you’re a ghost, not a matchmaker.”

“Oh, I’m just telling the truth, Qiao Nie really treats you well.” The ghost woman’s demeanor changed instantly, “Really, Guo Guo, Qiao Nie is much better than that Su He. Su He is just a scumbag, you can tell he’s the kind of person who is heartless and ungrateful.”

“Alright, I know there’s no comparison between the two. Su He’s ending won’t be any better than Wei Chuan’s.”

Faced with Tang Guo’s smiling appearance, the female ghost trembled in her heart. Her worry was unnecessary. How could this woman named Tang Guo possibly be affected by Su He? It should be Su He who is worried about being affected by her, right?

“Well, I’m off then.” The ghost blinked. “Thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, I might have turned into a vengeful ghost, never able to reincarnate.”

Tang Guo nodded, watching the ghost drift away.

[According to the original plot, the ghost would eventually discover that Wei Chuan was the one who hit her. But with Bai Wenwen’s appearance, she suppressed the ghost with talismans, ultimately using her for her own purposes. When the original host drove into Bai Wenwen’s wedding car, it was actually this ghost that blocked it, causing a rebound that knocked the original host off the bridge. Until she left this world, the ghost should have been absorbed by that 875 as energy.]

“Oh, what bad luck for her.”

Listening to the host’s not-so-sincere sigh, the system was speechless.

“How high is Bai Wenwen’s favorability rating with Su He?”

[It’s already at 90.]

Tang Guo frowned. “So slow?”

[Host, may I timidly ask, is your goal to have Su He successfully conquered?]

“I have a bold idea.”

[I’m listening.]

“When Su He is successfully conquered, you should consume 875 and see how things develop between them.” Tang Guo was excited. “It should be very interesting.”

  1. The expression “喝一壶” (hē yī hú), meaning “drink a pot,” is often used metaphorically to imply that a situation or accusation is significant enough to cause trouble, embarrassment, or even ruin for the person involved. ↩︎

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