Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 337

Father Tang and Mother Tang sized up Qiao Nie, exchanged glances, and said nothing.

They recalled a scene from a live broadcast: their daughter said she was tired, and this man squatted down without a word. That scene moved them a little.

Never mind, Qiao Nie might have the weirdest temper in the industry, but he was much better than that heartless Su He.

Besides, Qiao Nie is also the son of their good friend, and his character is not a problem.

“We apologize for the trouble caused by the last incident,” Wei Chuan said with a smile, but his eyes showed no emotion. His cold and hard features gave the impression of a very indifferent person.

Looking at him for too long would make one shiver involuntarily.

“It’s him!”

“I recognize him, it’s him.”

“He’s the one who hit me with his car and threw me into the woods.”

A shadow floated out from a jade pendant on Tang Guo’s body.

Only Tang Guo could see it; the woman’s gentle face suddenly twisted, and she looked at Wei Chuan, ready to pounce.

“Come back.”

The woman’s twisted face regained it’s composure, and she returned to Tang Guo’s side.

The others looked at Tang Guo curiously. What did she just say?

Tang Guo laughed, “Sorry, I got too into character.”

Is… is that right?

“System, investigate Wei Chuan and find evidence of his crimes.”

[Don’t worry, Host, such a small matter is easy.] The system was very happy that the host finally asked for its help.

With Tang Guo’s command, the system instantly infiltrated Wei Chuan’s phone, searching for evidence of his crimes. It also investigated the shady dealings of the Wei Corporation, including tax evasion.

The system also found evidence of Wei Chuan hiring assassins and a meeting between Wei Chuan and Bai Wenwen.

Following the network, it crossed the firewall to another country and finally figured out how Wei Chuan and Bai Wenwen met.

The quick transmigrator came from abroad and happened to meet Wei Chuan.

Wei Chuan went from being interested in Bai Wenwen to having an indescribable feeling for her. Bai Wenwen’s target was Su He, but she wouldn’t let go of a man like Wei Chuan with such good fortune.

Bai Wenwen was able to enter the entertainment industry upon returning to the country because Wei Chuan helped her.

Even Wei Chuan, a possessive person, could only helplessly help Bai Wenwen silently.

Wei Chuan joined the reality show midway and initially decided to make sure Tang Guo never returned.

The reason was that Tang Guo had taken the role of the second female lead in the drama “High School Romance,” stealing Bai Wenwen’s spotlight and making her unhappy.

Wei Chuan’s hands were already dirty, and he didn’t value life. Later, seeing Tang Guo bully Bai Wenwen on the live broadcast, he adjusted his plan and hired international mercenaries to kill Tang Guo.

Unexpectedly… Tang Guo was so formidable that the international mercenaries were completely wiped out.

What he didn’t expect even more was that Qiao Nie sent him a lawyer’s letter, preparing to sue the Wei Corporation.

These past few days, not only Qiao Nie but also the Tang and Liang families had teamed up against the Wei Corporation, making him feel overwhelmed.

He didn’t think they knew he had hired the mercenaries; he believed they were just making a fuss because the incident was related to the Wei Corporation.

Invite them over, apologize, and the matter should be over.

[Host, a few days ago, Bai Wenwen successfully completed her strategy on Wei Chuan, reaching a favorability rating of 100.] The system reminded.

Tang Guo glanced at Wei Chuan, “Is that so… Then hand over the collected evidence to my parents, the Liang family, and… Qiao Nie.”

She was lazy! Too lazy to do it herself.

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