Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 334

“Here they come.”

Cui Ni shouted, her eyes fixed on the direction of the forest.

Tang Guo was being carried out by Qiao Nie. If they hadn’t watched the live broadcast, they would have thought she was injured.

Who knew that when Tang Guo said she was tired and couldn’t walk anymore, Qiao Nie squatted down and said, “I’ll carry you,” which made everyone’s hearts flutter.

“Such a wave of dog food!”1

Tang Guo was naturally happy not to walk. If someone was willing to carry her, why not take advantage of it?

The entire country watched as that woman hummed a tune on Director Qiao’s back, swung her legs, and occasionally ruffled Qiao’s hair, quickly turning his hair into a Tang Guo-style chicken coop.

The whole nation fell into an eerie silence for a minute, then everyone picked up their phones and started posting comments.

Su He looked at the two of them with a complex expression, tightly pressing his lips together. He never expected Qiao Nie to spoil that woman to such an extent.

He realized he had never truly understood her. She was strong in survival skills, skilled in combat, and even proficient with firearms. What else was she capable of?

When faced with ruthless killers, she could calmly assess the escape route and use the swamp to completely wipe out the enemy.

Yet, here she was, acting like a little girl, willingly being carried by a man.

She wore a carefree smile, and the man called Qiao Nie had a warmth in his usually gloomy eyes. His curved lips showed that he was willingly doing this.

Su He realized she had so many good qualities.

But why did she betray him?

If she hadn’t betrayed him, he wouldn’t have gone to Bai Wenwen.

Suddenly, he remembered that they had been together for many years. Besides the two years of their official relationship, she was by his side when the Su family fell.

Su He was confused. Why did the woman who had been so good to him leave him in the end?

He couldn’t understand, and it was this inability to comprehend that made him hate her so much.

He wished he could destroy her.

How could she smile so happily after hurting him and still be so happy?

She should never have gotten involved with his enemy.

No, he would never forgive her.

“Ah He.”

Bai Wenwen noticed the complicated look in Su He’s eyes as he watched Tang Guo. She held Su He’s hand. “Ah He, don’t forget, this is the woman who betrayed you. Remember how she treated you before.”

Su He’s face darkened. “Wenwen, don’t worry. I have no feelings for her. I’m just curious how this woman managed to hide so much.”

The reality show “Into the Forest with the Stars” shocked the audience across the nation.

Especially the unexpected scene at the end, where two actors are chased by a killer, made the show explode with excitement.

After coming out, Chang Yuan knew he had become famous.

Even more famous was Tang Guo, followed by Liang Chao.

Tang Guo’s agile skills and her confrontation with the killers were saved by countless people. The moment she shot the bird was also turned into a short video.

It could be said that Tang Guo became completely famous this time. Regardless of who she was or how bad the rumors were before, her performance in the live broadcast gained her a huge following of die-hard fans.

Even the Tang Guo Black Fan Club had many members who switched sides.

Behind the scenes, the Liang and Tang families were investigating who had hired the killers.

These people are all foreign nationals and habitual criminals under international investigation. They have never shown up in any transaction, so there’s essentially nothing we can find out from them.

“Tong Zi, trace that person through the internet for me.”

  1. In Chinese internet slang, “dog food” (狗粮) is often used to describe displays of affection by couples that make single people feel envious or left out. ↩︎

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