Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 333

Qiao Nie first glanced at the people in the swamp and then saw the person beside Tang Guo, instantly guessing what had happened.

He came to Tang Guo, very rudely sat down, and grabbed the bird meat from her hand to gnaw on.

Tang Guo: “…”

Audience: “…”

“Director Qiao is so down-to-earth.”

“But that’s the meat Tang Tang was eating.”

“Does that count as an indirect kiss?”

“Aren’t they living together? They’ve probably done more intimate things, so what’s a kiss?”

“Seems like it.”

Tang Guo roasted another one for herself. To be honest, after running for so long, she was really a bit hungry.

Liang Chao pretended not to see anything. Qiao Nie’s presence meant that Tang Guo was very important to him.

“I’m here to discuss the role of the second female lead in the new drama,” after finishing a bird, Qiao Nie got to the “main topic” very seriously, “I made some changes. After we get out, see if you’re satisfied.”

Audience: “…”

“Director Qiao is not being honest. He says he’s here to discuss the new drama with Tang Tang, but he’s clearly worried about her.”

“Yeah, and he said it so seriously that I almost believed it.”

“Director Qiao’s persona is collapsing.”

“It’s collapsing, collapsing, Director Qiao probably hasn’t even noticed!”

“Have you noticed? Whoever encounters our Guo Guo, their persona collapses.”

Tang Guo looked at Qiao Nie, “What changes did you make?”

“Nothing much, just made the character more vivid, very suitable for you.”

“I also made some changes to the second male lead,” Qiao Nie squinted his eyes, “I’m very satisfied.”

Tang Guo blinked, “Did you really come in here just to discuss the new drama?”


Qiao Nie turned his head to the side, but the tips of his ears were a bit red, which the audience noticed and started exclaiming.

“Does Director Qiao not know this is a live broadcast?”

“Very likely.”

“Hahaha, just wait for Director Qiao’s persona to continue collapsing.”

Tang Guo smirked, “Since you’re satisfied, there’s no need to show me, I’ll play the second female lead.”

“Okay.” Qiao Nie responded, looked around, and said softly, “In the future, you’ll be in every drama of mine. You can choose any role you want. If you’re not satisfied, I’ll change it for you.”


“Aww, such a Director Qiao, please give me a dozen.”

“Ah, it’s so cringey.”

“Huh, wasn’t someone recently spreading rumors that Director Qiao was financially supporting Tang Guo?”

“I think the rumor is true. He is taking care of her, for a lifetime.”

Liang Chao felt awkward standing on the side, not to mention Chang Yuan, who arrived with the rescue team.

This Qiao Nie, really has no principles.

“That’s what you said.” Tang Guo said with a smile, “If I ruin it for you in the future and tarnish your reputation, you can’t blame me.”

Qiao Nie’s gloomy eyes were full of smiles, “I won’t blame you, as long as you’re happy.”

Not long after, the special forces arrived, parachuting down from the sky.

The twenty members looked at Tang Guo and Liang Chao with complicated expressions. This was the easiest mission ever.

They didn’t have to do anything, just arrested a bunch of criminals.

On the helicopter, they had watched the live broadcast and were deeply impressed by Tang Guo and Liang Chao.

Especially Tang Guo, this delicate female star, made them change their view of celebrities.

They all saluted Tang Guo when they arrived, while Tang Guo was gnawing on a bird, creating a very amusing scene.

“Are you hungry?”

Tang Guo pointed at a skewer of roasting birds, “Want one?”

The nation-wide audience laughed. They almost laughed loud enough to get abs.

The special forces certainly wouldn’t accept. They expressed their thanks and then went to get the assassins out of the swamp.

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