Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 332

Liang Chao wasn’t lacking in skills either, being an extreme sports enthusiast.

The two seized an opportunity and first hit their opponents’ wrists with stones, rushing into their group before they could react.

They all used long-range shooting guns. When facing their close-range attacks, the only option was to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

If it were anyone else, they surely wouldn’t have been able to handle over twenty of them.

But these two were different. One had been passionate about extreme sports since childhood and had learned Taekwondo.

The other was Tang Guo, who had traversed countless worlds and mastered various fighting techniques and martial arts. Meeting her was basically a death wish.

In just about five minutes, all twenty-plus assassins were thrown into the swamp.

Their main method of killing is through the use of firearms. Although they are quite skilled, they still show fear when confronted with a swamp.

As for their guns, Tang Guo and Liang Chao had confiscated them and thrown them aside.

With more than twenty people in the swamp, they dared not move an inch.

Everything happened so fast that the audience was left stunned as Tang Guo and Liang Chao trapped these people in the swamp.

“My Tang is amazing.”

“My Chao did well too.”

“Tang Tang, go act in action movies from now on. You’ll be the next female action star.”

“Ah, that was so cool just now. My Tang is so dominant. Ah, I want to marry her.”

“Boohoo, I also want to get married. I’m a guy, but I still want to get married.”

Tang Guo glanced at these people, they were all foreigners.

“Who sent you?” she asked in English, her fluency impressing another wave of fans.

“Your bodies are sinking,” she added.

The assassins finally changed their expressions. They didn’t dare move because they were sinking but still didn’t reveal who sent them.

In fact, they didn’t know who hired them. They were international assassins who killed for money.

Tang Guo seemed to have anticipated this. She turned and walked over to the guns, picking one up and starting to dismantle it.

The sound of clattering echoed. In the eyes of the audience, the dangerous weapons were disassembled into fragments. They all saw the heartbroken expressions on the faces of the assassins.

Finally, Tang Guo removed the bullets and threw them into the swamp.

Incidentally, she also threw the weapon in.

“Ah, Tang Tang, don’t waste good things like that. Those weapons are expensive.”

“At this moment, I have only one thing to say: I bow down.”

Tang Guo kept one gun. They thought she would use it to threaten the assassins in the swamp, but she raised her hand and shot a bird out of the sky.

“What about protecting animals?”

After Liang Chao eagerly ran over to pick up the bird, an audience member explained, “This species is not a protected animal, you can eat it.”

They watched Tang Guo shoot down the birds flying above with one shot after another, and were utterly impressed.

Such great skills and marksmanship!

No one questioned why Tang Guo knew how to do these things.

Nowadays, actors might actually learn these skills for their roles.

Still, learning them so well was surprising.

Even the military higher-ups were tempted, “Did this girl choose the wrong profession?”

“Yeah, she’s a good seed. If she joins our troops, her future would be limitless.”

“Let’s ask her when she gets out if she;s willing to join the army. We offer lots of benefits.”

“Give it up, old man. She makes millions from a single movie. Can you afford to pay her?”

When Qiao Nie appeared, Tang Guo and Liang Chao were roasting the birds, eating with great relish.

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