Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 331

Another bullet whizzed by, and Tang Guo hugged a tree trunk, spinning quickly and using the momentum to leap far away.

She deftly picked several vine leaves and quickly wrapped the vines around herself.

If it weren’t for the miniature-filming period being so close, hiding in the grass, she wouldn’t have been easily discovered.

The entire nation was stunned.

“Is she really just the type of actress who only plays ‘I’m the most beautiful’ roles?”

“She’s so agile, even the assassins can’t handle her. I’m really curious where she learned that.”

“No matter what, if she survives this, I’m definitely going to be her fan. From now on, I’ll be her little fan.”

“Tang Tang, hang in there. Tang Tang, you’ll definitely be okay.”

Even the black fans were somewhat silent. Although they disliked this woman, she didn’t deserve to die.

Several people were shooting at the same time; if she made the slightest mistake, she’d be dead for sure.

The Tang family.

“Mom, look quickly, isn’t that my sister?”

The teenager held a tablet, staring unblinkingly at the screen. Seeing that somewhat familiar face, he sprinted downstairs.

“Mom, look quickly, sister is being chased.”

The family never allowed anyone to mention Tang Guo, and Tang Rui only heard about it from the group’s discussion about two major stars doing a live broadcast of a survival game.

He was a bit interested and clicked to watch.

He never expected that one of the female stars being hunted would actually be his sister.

His hands trembled. Although the family was very angry with Tang Guo, if something really happened to her, his parents would be heartbroken.

Tang’s mother nearly fainted when she saw the screen and quickly called Tang’s father.

For a while, the Tang family was in chaos.

At the same time, the Liang family also found out, and everyone gathered together. Their only heir was being hunted.

No matter the reason, this incident was a slap in their faces.

“There are ten more people,” Tang Guo said.

Liang Chao’s face darkened. “Let’s split up; that way, they might split into two groups.”

Tang Guo, with the help of the sound and the system’s prompts, quickly evaded while observing the environment.

The air here is somewhat humid, with a small amount of moss. Some areas of the ground are quite flat, bare, and black in color. The area isn’t large, but it’s enough for her to assess the geographical situation here.

“Next, follow me.”

Liang Chao nodded, realizing Tang Guo was very capable.

He followed Tang Guo at a close but safe distance, listening to her advice, “If you encounter places with a lot of moss, don’t step on it, and also avoid stepping on some very flat areas, as well as some black flat ground.”

“Those might be swamps.”

Hearing the word “swamp,” not only did the live broadcast audience feel fear, but Liang Chao also felt a shiver down his spine.

“Is this true wilderness survival?”

Tang Guo smiled, “That’s right, let’s hope this show gets the highest ratings.”

The audience watching the live broadcast said, “You should worry about your lives. As for ratings, don’t worry. The whole country is watching you.”

“My Tang Tang is amazing.”

“Movie Emperor Liang is also doing great. If it were someone else, they would’ve been hit by now.”

Liang Chao already knew what Tang Guo planned to do.

The two of them tacitly collected a lot of stones along the way. When they saw a large patch of moss in the distance, they split up and moved forward.

The assassins behind them only knew to complete their task and had no idea the two would suddenly turn back, throwing stones at them.

In the eyes of the audience, Tang Guo moved like a ghost, leaping behind the enemies and almost effortlessly kicking them one by one into the swamp.

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