Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 330

“There’s no need.”

[Host, the live broadcast is already connected], the system thoughtfully reminded. At this moment, even if they wanted to grab some weapons, it was impossible.

In front of the national audience, if something appeared out of thin air, they might be taken away for dissection.

Liang Chao also realized the situation. “Even if I haven’t eaten pork, haven’t I at least seen pigs run?”1

It was obvious that someone wanted either his or Tang Guo’s life. After Tang Guo had dodged twice with him, he calmed down.

“Do we go outside?”

“No,” Tang Guo said, “Do you think they would be so prepared without setting traps outside?”

“They brought real weapons, so they are well-prepared. Going outside would definitely mean encountering something even more terrifying.”

Liang Chao’s brain was working rapidly, “So we can only go further inside?”

His face looked grim. Going inside meant going deeper into the primeval forest, with wild beasts, poisonous plants, and insects, all extremely deadly.

A slight mistake could lead to death.


Tang Guo quickly started running, the sound of gunshots ringing in her ears. Each bullet almost hit her, but she agilely dodged them all.

Since she let go of Liang Chao, she finally realized that these bullets were aimed at her.

“Don’t worry about me.”

Liang Chao also noticed that the assassins were not targeting him.

He quickly distanced himself from Tang Guo, not because he was afraid of being hit, but because being together made them an easy target. Running separately made them more agile.

With Tang Guo’s skills, avoiding danger was easy.

Moreover, the assassins wouldn’t spare him. Even after he distanced himself, bullets still flew past him.

“There’s a picture!”

“Hey, what’s going on? Why is Tang Tang running so fast?”

“It looks like she’s dodging something.”


A gunshot rang out, startling everyone watching.

“Oh my god, it’s a bullet! Someone is shooting at Tang Tang.”

“And at Movie Emperor Liang too. They are being chased.”

“How could this happen?”

“Who is it?”

The audience was in an uproar. Even those who disliked Tang Guo couldn’t help but feel nervous seeing bullets being fired at her.

So far, she had dodged all of them, but the sheer number of bullets showed that there were many shooters targeting her.

Comments flooded the screen, all questioning the production team about how such a thing could happen.

At the same time, the production team’s Weibo accounts were overrun. Due to the immense influence of Tang Guo and Liang Chao, even the relevant authorities who didn’t usually pay attention to reality shows were now aware.

When they opened the live broadcast, they saw Liang Chao and Tang Guo rapidly dodging bullets.

Moreover, in the live broadcast interface, they also noticed the assassins in camouflage chasing the two.

Immediately, the national special forces were deployed, sent to the primeval forest to rescue the two.

The special forces planned to drop in from the air. If they didn’t use this method, it was likely that by the time they arrived, the two inside would already be dead.

This vicious assassination attempt caused a nationwide sensation within half an hour.

Even those who didn’t usually watch live broadcasts took out their phones to watch.

Everyone was worried about the two, hoping they could hold on until the special forces arrived.

Meanwhile, Qiao Nie had already entered a signal-blocked area and was unaware that Tang Guo was being chased.

However, everyone in the production team was watching the thrilling scene in disbelief.

  1. The phrase “Even if I haven’t eaten pork, haven’t I at least seen pigs run?” (没吃过猪肉难不成还没有见过猪跑吗?) is a Chinese idiom that means even if someone doesn’t have direct experience with something, they have still observed it and are familiar with it. It’s often used to indicate that a person may not have done something themselves but understands how it works or has seen others do it, so they are not completely ignorant of the subject. ↩︎

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