Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 329

“Movie Emperor Su, can you hear me?” A voice came from the walkie-talkie.

Su He was momentarily stunned, “Yes, we can hear you.”

“That’s good. Currently, the area you’re in is experiencing signal interference. The program team has notified you to exit for now.”


The Cui siblings, Bai Ningxue and Chu Nuo, also received the same message from their walkie-talkies. Not daring to continue, they all headed out.

Once they came out, the signal returned. They all appeared at the same time on the live broadcast screen, which relieved the audience.

At this time, someone noticed that Tang Guo and Liang Chao had not come out.

“Where are Movie Emperor Liang and Tang Tang?”

“Maybe they went in deeper. They’ll probably come out soon.”

Everyone thought this way. It made no sense that the other three teams received the message while Tang Guo’s team didn’t, so they were very relaxed.

But after half an hour, they couldn’t stay calm.

Qiao Nie stood up from his seat, “Send someone to find them.”

Chang Yuan’s expression also darkened. Since they hadn’t come out for so long, he quickly called the investor’s team.

“We have already notified Tang Guo and Movie Emperor Liang. We don’t know why they haven’t come out yet.”

Chang Yuan didn’t suspect anything. Given those two’s playful nature, it was likely they didn’t want to come out and were still inside having fun.

“Please contact them again.”

“Okay, we’ll try.”

A minute later, a voice came from the other end, “Director Chang, we still can’t reach them.”

The call ended, and Chang Yuan dared not delay. Neither of those two could afford to have an accident.

One was the young master of the Liang family, and the other was the woman of the genius director bisde him. If something happened to them here, his future in the entertainment industry would be over.

Chang Yuan immediately instructed the rescue team to go in and find them. Qiao Nie said, “I’ll go too.”

Chang Yuan didn’t say anything. Qiao Nie had good skills, and since someone he cared about was inside, there was no reason to refuse.

“Xiao Guo, there’s no signal. How about we go out first and see what’s going on.”

This was a primeval forest, and even if this area was deemed safe, the danger level was still high.

If two fierce beasts showed up, he might not be able to handle them.

Tang Guo stood in place, a cold smile on her lips, “Go out?”


“I’m afraid someone doesn’t want us to go out.”

Liang Chao was a bit surprised, “What did you say?”

The system had already informed Tang Guo that a group of people were sneaking towards them, all carrying real weapons.

Liang Chao wanted to ask more when Tang Guo suddenly grabbed his wrist and quickly dodged. There was a “bang” sound, and something brushed past his face. He looked back and saw a bullet deeply embedded in a tree trunk.

He was shocked, his face turning several shades paler.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m the only heir of the Liang family. Everyone gets along well. No one should be vying for the family property to the point of wanting me dead, right?”

Tang Guo pressed her lips together, only pulling Liang Chao to run quickly.

[Host, to your left, dodge.]

[Host, there’s someone ahead of you.]

Tang Guo squinted her eyes, “I know. Connect me to the satellite signal and block the assassins’ communications, completely cutting them off from the outside world.”

Since the other party dared to take her life, she would broadcast the entire chase scene.

[Understood, Host, are you okay? Do you need me to find two weapons for you from the system space?] The system was still very worried. If the host got hurt, she would be very unhappy.

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