Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 328

“Attention, attention, the helicopter is right above you. You have five minutes to prepare for the airdrop.”

All four teams heard the voice coming through the walkie-talkies, a setup prepared by the mysterious investor for them.

“This investor really knows how to play,” Liang Chao said with a laugh. “Spending a fortune just to have us come in here and find things.”

Even if his family had money, he wouldn’t play like this.

“I guess the other party might be some rich second generation.”

Liang Chao didn’t care much about the money or the opportunity to invest in a movie in the end; he didn’t lack those. He participated purely for fun.

The Cui siblings were different. They came from humble beginnings and valued this opportunity highly.

Chu Nuo and Bai Ningxue had good family backgrounds, but not to the extent of complete indifference, so they also enjoyed this game.

As for Su He, there’s no need to mention it. Originally the young master of the Su family, he climbed to the top through his own “efforts,” and now this opportunity was extremely important to him.

“Speaking of which, the two of us are having fun,” Liang Chao revealed a big white smile. “You have Qiao Nie, you lack nothing.”

Compared to Su He, he now thought Qiao Nie was not bad, at least willing to pick resources for Tang Guo and support her.

Qiao Nie was watching the live broadcast with Chang Yuan. Hearing Liang Chao’s words, he said, “Liang Chao is not bad.”

Chang Yuan: Don’t think I didn’t notice; it’s the words Liang Chao said that you think are good, right?

In the past, I never noticed that this person doesn’t adhere to any principles.

“I’m planning to let Liang Chao audition for the male lead in my new film.”

Chang Yuan was no longer surprised and just chuckled, “Whatever makes you happy.”

Seeing Qiao Nie focusing on the woman inside, Chang Yuan shook his head.

“You have good taste.”

Chang Yuan watched as Tang Guo skillfully avoided the poisonous plants and swiftly dealt with some venomous snakes. Her reactions were exceptionally quick, and with a sharp knife, she swiftly stabbed, accurate and fierce. The snake was pierced to the hilt without any time to react.

In contrast, Liang Chao looked like a little wife, his face pale from fear of the snakes. He carefully tugged on Tang Guo’s sleeve, utterly losing face.

Live broadcast audience:

“Movie Emperor Liang’s persona is collapsing by the minute.”

“Movie Emperor Liang is so embarrassing, hiding behind our Tang Tang.”

“Our Tang Tang is so cool, stabbing the snake with no time for it to struggle.”

“I’m really curious, with Tang Tang’s skills, why does she always play ‘I’m the most beautiful’ roles?”

“Maybe it’s a special hobby.”

At this moment, all live broadcast screens suddenly went dark. The program crew was in chaos, hastily contacting all the teams.

Qiao Nie sat up, looking serious. “What’s going on?”

“Check it out quickly,” Chang Yuan hurriedly said. “Contact them and have them come back first.”

After all, this is a primeval forest. Without knowing the situation inside, they dared not continue broadcasting.

The audience watching the live stream are also a bit confused. Some people have even contacted the production team, asking questions below the team’s Weibo posts.

The program crew only said it was a special situation, possibly due to interference signals, and they were actively handling it.

[Host, there’s a magnetic field causing signal interference. Do you need to connect directly to the satellite signal?]

“Not for now.”

She took out her phone and found there was no signal, not even for making calls.

Liang Chao was holding the walkie-talkie, trying to contact the investor above. They had just mentioned that items would be airdropped.

However… there was no response.

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