Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 327

Qiao Nie scanned the surroundings, “Where is she?”

Chang Yuan immediately responded, smiling, “The investor suddently assigned a task. They just entered the forest.”

Qiao Nie frowned, and Chang Yuan hurriedly invited him in.

He was pondering quietly, wondering if Qiao Nie really had feelings for Tang Guo, but he didn’t ask.

In fact, he might be right. Tang Guo dragged Qiao Nie down, making him follow her notoriety, even liked comments that scolded Qiao Nie, yet Qiao Nie wasn’t angry.

“I heard you’re preparing to shoot a new film?”

“Yes.” Qiao Nie’s brows relaxed, thinking about the changes he made to the second female and male leads, feeling better.

Chang Yuan grinned, “It seems you’re very satisfied with the new film. Have you finalized the cast?”


Chang Yuan’s gossiping heart ignited, “Is Tang Guo playing the female lead?”

“No, the second female lead.” Qiao Nie denied, his expression becoming lively, adding, “The most perfect role is the second female lead.”

He even created the most perfect second male lead for her.

Chang Yuan was shocked. When did Qiao Nie become so unprincipled?

Even if the high school romance drama had a good response, Tang Guo’s acting experience wasn’t enough for Qiao Nie to finalize a role for her, right?

While speaking, Qiao Nie kept staring at the forest, as if waiting for someone to appear.

This time, Chang Yuan really understood that Qiao Nie was smitten.

“You really…”

Qiao Nie turned back, looking at Chang Yuan, “Huh?”

“Are you serious?”

Qiao Nie frowned, quickly understanding Chang Yuan’s words.

He paused for a while, recalling the vibrant woman he saw through the lens over the past half month, no longer mistaking any part of her as resembling his mother.

“It should be,” he said, though he found it somewhat laughable that he was actually being moved by that woman.

Chang Yuan suddenly understood, “No wonder… you lost your principles.”

“I never had principles, I just didn’t like others meddling with my roles.” Qiao Nie said, “As for who I give them to, it’s my decision.”

“Aren’t you afraid her poor acting will ruin your film?”

Qiao Nie chuckled, “I’m here.” A man’s confidence.

“Her acting is also not bad.” Trust in her.

Chang Yuan shook his head, “You’re as stubborn as your mother.”

“Of course, she gave birth to me.”

Chang Yuan was speechless. His communication with Qiao Nie had never been smooth.

“But don’t be too optimistic. That girl holds grudges. Just look at Su He and Bai Wenwen, she’s tormented them so much they look pale and thin.”

Thinking about this, Chang Yuan found it funny. Tang Guo, along with Liang Chao, hunted all the prey around them and picked all the sweet fruits.

Only sour fruits and wild vegetables were left.

They only kept what they needed to eat, giving the rest to others.

This led to everyone except Su He and Bai Wenwen in the show being fed until they were white and fat, which was really amusing.

Never in his life had he seen such a vengeful person.

Qiao Nie sat in his seat, slightly leaning back, arms crossed, “As long as she’s happy.”

“Huh? You really have feelings for her. If she holds a grudge, you’ll have a tough time for the rest of your life.”

Qiao Nie laughed, “She’s already living in my villa.”

“No matter how the second half of my life goes, she will always live in my villa.”

Chang Yuan: “…”

“She’ll cause scandals for you, make netizens scold you.”

“She’s already done that.”

Chang Yuan was utterly speechless, only to hear Qiao Nie continue, “As long as she lives in my villa and acts in my films, anything else is fine, as long as she’s happy.”

Chang Yuan: “…”

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